which is the best hair conditioner?3 good hair conditioner

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By Vicky

which is the best hair conditioner?Let's see the 3 good hair conditioner !


Nexxus Sublime Volume

Review by julie9536: I can't stand the stupid genie like bottle, skinny long neck, but man, this is a fantastic conditioner! I've never seen conditioner that gives me so MUCH VOLUME.
It's one of those items that makes you think "how did I live w/o this?" Update: Back to Mario Badescu's conditioner. After a month of usage, makes my hair dull looking and not much volume as initially. : (

Review by lorraine07: I have struggled to find a volumizing shampoo/conditioner duo for such a long time, and after repeatedly getting ripped off, paying 16+ for other brands that didn't deliver, I have to say I am pleasantly surprised with this product. I have never tried Nexxus before, and was tempted to buy Matrix Amplify, but before I dropped another 40 on hair products I opted for the more reasonable Nexxus Sublime Volume. I have long (mid back), fine hair that goes flat about 5 minutes after blow drying, but this conditioner really gives my normally limp hair a boost, that lasts way beyond my blow dry! My hair feels light, smooth and volumized! For the price (I think I paid around 9) I would definitely buy this again!

Review by shimmering: I am so excited about this product! Like other reviewers I have hair that has challenged me in the extreme to find a conditioner for. It's fine but very thick, color-treated but prone to oiliness. This product removed all evidence of tangles without weighing it down. I may end up wanting to give it another star after more use but I thought I'd start out on the conservative side. Would highly recommend purchasing!

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A/G daily light

Review by Stampy_76: This is an excellent daily conditioner that has left my thick, wavy, colour-treated hair in great condition. I use it with the TechTwo shampoo for colour-treated hair. It can be quite expensive, so look for it at beauty supply stores where they often sell the two products in one litre bottles at a lower price.

Review by island_honey: I have fine (but thick) blonde-highlighted hair. When I bought A/G's Tech Two shampoo, it came with a bottle of this conditioner. Unfortunately I didn't like it - my hair was impossible to comb afterwards and it was always a bit too frizzy and dry. So I switched to the Ultramoist and I'm lovin' that. I would recommend if you're going to try a new shampoo or conditioner, perhaps wait a bit on the litre sizes until you're sure you like it!

Review by lipstickcrazy: I love this conditioner. It is perfect for my hair, as I wash it everyday, and this does not strip my hair too much. My HG conditioner.
*I use it alongside AG Daily Light shampoo.

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Redken time reset

Review by AokiJ: Gave this a try at the recommendation of my hairstylist. I have massively thick hair, and when I used it this morning, my hair didn't feel conditioned or detangled. My hair gets really knotty if I don't use conditioner. I had to use more than usual Morroccan Oil to smooth out the ends this morning. I think I'll go back to Color Extend. It gives the detangling, conditioning, moisture that my hair needs without weighing it down or just not conditioning at all. Will not repurchase.

Review by bastet: I bought a small size of this because i didn't want to invest in a full size just yet. I liked the smell and texture but it didn't detangle my hair. I had a hard time running my fingers thru my hair yet alone a comb. Combined with the shampoo I did notice my ends look alot better!!

Review by isabellet: I bought a 3.00 sample tube to test. I mix this with Nioxin conditioner that is in the dandruff line of products. I noticed after 2 washings that my hair felt much better.
Last time I washed my hair I didnt use the Nioxin and it felt a little drier.
Still I think this did make my hair look better

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