which is the best hair color?3 best hair color

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By Stella

which is the best hair color?Let's see the 3 best hair color !


Unlisted Brand Sun-In Highlighting Spray

Review by kimmie578: I used to have white blonde hair, then as I got a bit older, it started turning darker. so I started using sun in. It really works. I'm not sure what it would do for other hair colors, but any range of blonde could use this for blonder hair. now my hair color is pretty much back to my very light blonde color. Alot of people say that its awful for your hair, and that it damages it, and thats probably true because i think it has peroxide in it, but I haven't seen any damage from it yet and I've been using it for years.

Review by leeyao: Firstly, my hair is colored 'Brown Blk' for reference :)
I haven't used this since highschool which is over 10 years ago..yikes! Anyway, I dye my hair a brown blk and this time it went way too dark on my ends which will lighten with washing but I am impatient! So I decided to try sun in, it says to use on non-color treated hair `blah-blah` were my thoughts. I used it and sprayed section by section and blow dried it. Well voila it has lightened up about 2 shades in one application, it has red undertones but its to be expected ;P
Still love this stuff! I used a protien rich deep conditioner afterwards and my hair is fine. Good luck with yours !

Review by Alexis: Disclosure: I cut my own hair and am pretty laissez-faire about it.
I have thick, wavy hair, naturally medium brown with generous touches of gold and auburn, depending on the season. I love sun-in. It looks natural and relaxed. The color is pleasantly unpredictable (not scary). Last summer my hair was long and wavy. I got to a smooth light brown with sun-in, and while my stylist disapproved, I was quite happy. Sun-in will dry your hair, like any lightening product. Condition accordingly, but the results shouldn't be severe.

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Ion Ion Color Brilliance Demi Permanent Hair Color

Review by JT14: This product made me think that demi permanent hair color didn't work. I followed the instructions when I applied the 9NG to my hair and even left it on my hair for five extra minutes, but in the end I saw no color difference. Since my hair was shinier and it's quite cheap, I won't take away all the points, but it just didn't work for me. After switching to Wella's demi, I won't be retrying Ion's again. It's sad, because their 6RC looks beautiful.

Review by peachy905: Wow! This demi is amazing. I wanted to refresh my hair color, which was originally dyed brown over heavy blonde highlights. It was turning into a faded light brown, and I wanted a deeper, richer color.
I know from experience that Ion colors are absolutely beautiful, but that they run a bit dark. I therefore bought the light golden brown and the clear shine. I used 2 parts developer to 1 part color and 1 part clear shine.
It came out as a beautiful dark brown. It is so rich and wonderful, but I am definitely glad that I mixed it with the clear shine. Otherwise, it would have been even darker. I think it is still a bit too dark, but I'm sure it will lighten to perfection after a wash or two.
The smell isn't bad at all, and my hair feels amazing! I'll definitely buy this again and again. Ion really makes high-quality hair color.

Review by Angeline: I'm not sure if I would buy this product again or not only because Sally's does not carry the light golden blonde I was looking for. I went for the extra light neutral blonde. My natural colour is about a dark neutral blonde. I had platinum highlights... and a lot of them.. most of them were grown out, so I had some roots. I wanted that grown out highlight look that Sarah Jessica Parker wears so well, and I wanted it to be close to my natural color. Anyway, I went for the 'extra light' color because everyone was sayong to go at least two shades higher.
Well, it turned out perfectly... but I'd like it slightly more golden/rich.

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Clairol Creme Toner - All Shades

Review by staci01: I've used Towhead in the past to get brassiness out of highlights and it worked well, but this last time I used it - nothing. So I bought 323 and it did help a bit. My roots, about the first 3 inches, needed toning more than the ends so I put it on there and put on a shower cap to create some heat. Left it on 20 minutes, then put it on the rest of my hair for about 2-3 minutes and rinsed. It did knock some of the orange/yellow out but I think I'll do it again in a week or so. The shower cap and leaving it on longer than the directions said seemed to help.

Review by GreeneyedGal: I bought the Platinum beige creme toner. Turned my hair reallly shimmery blonde. Your hair has to be really light inorder for it to work...I am going to buy Champagne beige now cause I think my hair is super light now! I need it alittle less Playmate-ish looking...haha :)
I just uploaded a photo of me above!!!!

Review by Farra: I used Clairol 323d Extra Light Platinum.
My hair was double processed from a dyed light brown using 30vol for the first bleaching and 20vol for the second a few days later. The color was a light yellow-orange when I used this toner. I mixed the toner to a 1:1 ratio with half 20vol and half 30vol developer and left it on my hair for about 20-30 minutes. When I rinsed it out, there was hardly a change at all.
I read later on forums that most people choose to leave the toner in for a greater amount of time than directed, which is where I might have gone wrong. Not sure if I'll buy this again - I'm going to try Wella White Lady toner tonight instead.

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