which is the best fragrance?3 recommended fragrance review

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By Elena

which is the best fragrance?Let's see the 3 recommended fragrance review!


Burberry Burberry Summer

Review by Pinki: Nice spring and summer fragrance.. Just need to reapply often. Very fresh and good for any age. Even if you don't like the other Burberries, try this one.., it's very pleasant..

Review by Leelee57: Ohhh, this is the best fragrance I've purchased in a long, long time. It's feminine, fresh, and would make any girl feel pretty. The name is perfect -- this is the sublime fragrance for summer days in your flowy sundress and flip flops. If you love citrusy floral scents, pick up Burberry Summer as fast as you can!

Review by biomechmonster: My favorite perfume, I love this scent. I agree that the staying power isn't great, but besides that it's perfect for me... To give you an idea how much I like this scent, I actually bought 3 bottles, in case Burberry doesn't bring it back next year....
*Note description, as listed on the Nordstrom website:
"A radiant green fruity floral with mandarin, lemon, grapefruit, apple, vanilla and moss. The fragrance has been reinvented from the original Burberry for Women notes, giving it a unique and refreshing English summer feel."

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LUSH Candy Fluff

Review by kat_25: Just received this perfume from the Dec 2007 fragrance round. It is amazing. Smells just like the powder except a little sweeter. Lasts a long time too.

Review by isabellet: This is a Limited Edition Fragrance made for Lush Forum members in November 2006. If you love the creamy candy bath melts, matching bubble bar, Rock Star soap or Candy Fluff powder, this perfume is a MUST BUY! It is all sweet candied goodness...it actually smells "pink", It is slightly fruity (cherry) and slightly vanillic and pure sugary goodness. However, the staying power is pretty poor! I only state that I would not repurchase because although this smells amazing, it fades in to oblivioun with not a trace of scent left after 30 minutes.

Review by Erin: I love Candy Fluff powder and MMM bath melt, so I thought I would love the fragrance. It's ok. It's sweet and bubblegum scented. But it seems to have lost some of the subtly of the powder and melt. I cannot get myself to use it on my body, though sometimes I like the scent sprayed on my pillows.

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E. Coudray Ambre et Vanille Eau de Toilette

Review by andij: Swapped for this one with a beautiful swapper. It is a very nice powdery warm vanilla scent. I can sense the vanilla and amber in this scent together but can't pull them apart to detect the notes seperately. Smells slightly old lady in a gentle, sweet sort of way. I really do enjoy it but I don't think I would ever buy it myself.

Review by rebec75: I wanted to love this, I really did. But there's a reason why I used up the perfumed body oil, perfumed body cream, but NOT the eau de toilette of Ambre et Vanille: the powdery quality is so pronounced in the EDT that the gourmand appeal is lost. The fragrance pyramid on the Coudray website names the following notes: Head: Bergamot - Sweet orange - Bitter orange - Ylang Ylang; Middle: Ceylan cinnamon - Iris - Heliotrope - Tonka Bean; Bottom: Vanilla - Patchouli. Of all the E. Coudray EDT's, the most consistent fragrance delivery across product forms is possibly Nohiba, and Musc et Freesia. I'll stick to the oil and cream for this fragrance.

Review by miss_mac: Originally reviewed on 9/13/2004 10:26:00 PM.
A strong vanilla, with notes of amber, cinnamon and sandalwood. Very sweet and somewhat powdery, this scent can be overpowering if it is not applied with caution. Long lasting, warm, lovely for winter. My favorite vanilla is still SMN Vaniglia, which is dry and not too sweet.

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