which is the best fragrance?3 good fragrances reviews

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By Christina

which is the best fragrance?Let's see the 3 good fragrances reviews!


Alfred Sung Paradise

Review by London84: I have a miniature of Paradise. I have to admit that I don't like it at the first spray because it is to much alcohol. However, when it dries down, it is wonderful, remind me of the garden after the rain with the fresh smell of dewy leaves and a little bit sweet of peach... Absolutely perfume for the hot summer. The only problem is that it doesn't last long on me. I can not smell it after 3 hours. Perhaps I'll try it with the body lotion.

Review by leeyao: I read the reviews here, then saw Paradise on clearance and grabbed a bottle. There weren't any testers.
I know I'm in the minority, but I thought it was FAR too sweet and suffocating. Blech! It sent me running for the rubbing alcohol to remove it.

Review by runty: This stuff is like candy, it's absolutely delicious! If you like fruity florals, give this a try.

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Coty jovan white musk

Review by Leelee57: Smells like a hooker? How many hookers have you been around with?
I'm not going there. Anyway, this scent is so fresh for a musk. I'm not into musks,but the white florals is so feminine and soft.

Review by abrilio: This is great stuff. It's what I wear when I don't want to smell like perfume and all I want is a soft, slightly sweeter smelling me (unlike Amazing Grace which I also love but is a sharper, cleaner smell on me). This also layers well with many other scents so I can dab something else on and it won't conflict. Today I sprayed this on all over after my shower then later applied Happy to my pulse points/behind my ears and it worked beautifully. I'm not a huge musk fan so I'm surprised I like this as much as I do. I got a 1oz bottle at Rite Aid on sale for less than 3.00. You really can't ask for much more!

Review by biomechmonster: I recently bought some Jovan White Musk Perfume Spray. I had not had any in my perfume staples for 2 years. I found that I still love wearing this fragrance. It is so light, but so long lasting. It is definetly a clean musk smell. I usually wear Avon products but so many of the Avon products are diluted these days and don't last very long. Good to find a Coty product that lasts as long as it ever did. I am going to make sure I keep this one in my fragrance line.

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Unlisted Brand Coach Perfume

Review by guitarzan: Coach EDP is the smell of New Stuff in stores, when you first walk in the door. An impression of lilies, peach, buttery soft leather, light woods and space. The final drydown is like warm, clean skin with a hint of leather and light musk. Fun bottle! Chic contemporary fragrance -- upbeat, transparent, and spacious. A moderately priced luxury at 68 for 1.7 oz. Coach reminds me somewhat of vintage My Sin. I was shocked at the similarity of Coach to my vintage My Sin.
2010 update - I like the EDP but not the new EDT that's coming out
in stores such as Sephora and Macy's. The EDP has a red band
around it.

Review by julie9536: I think I would like to use this for the rest of my life.I just bought this and became addicted to it.I'm very picky when it comes to perfume,but this was an instant hit with me.It's a beautiful,smooth,expensive-smelling fruity-floral with a sweet vanillic drydown.Nothing boring or old-lady about it.Plus,the bottle is so chic.It has a very sophisticated classy feel about it.Good lasting power,and it can be worn any season.

Review by cgosyne: I have mostly body sprays because I tend to get headaches with some perfumes. I have about 4 perfume. This one is a crisp clean scent that is NOT overwhelming! You don't walk into a room and it fills with this fragrance. It is perfect to attract someone because it's subtle yet you just want to get a big smell of it. Well done, Coach

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