which is the best fragrance?3 effective fragrance

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By Vicky

which is the best fragrance?Let's see the 3 effective fragrance !


Ayala Moriel Film Noir

Review by almighty_curv: This scent is so smooth and comforting.
I am a former patchouli hater so I'm very
picky when it comes to patch and this one
is sweet, not dirty smelling.
The cacao note lasts a long time.

Review by miss_mac: Film Noir is a very sultry scent of patchouli and cocao that engulfs you. It reminds me of a scent Mina would wear. The dark yet charimatic scent of the perfume lingering on the nape of the neck waiting for Dracula to sweep her away. Film Noir even has this ablity to make even people who stongly dislike patchouli like it. It is truely one of a kind and a classic.

Review by glossgal_01: While Aftel's chocolate scent has too much orange for me, this has too much patchouli. Don't get me wrong, this is nicely done but just not for me. I also swear there's tobacco in this but it's not listed in the notes.

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Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Soothing Night Fragrance

Review by blueaygi: This is a softer, slightly muskier version of the original. I still prefer the original - which is a more sparkling scent - but this is a soft fragrance for the summer.

Review by wunverdoll: OMYGOSH! I have found the perfect perfume. I have the parfum and toilette version of this. The parfum is a tad bit heavy and I would have to wait after applying the toilette for the scent to die down a bit so its not to overpowering. The night fragrance is perfect. Its light and airy and its perfect for spring and summer. I love how feminine and fresh this smell is. =)

Review by cosmokid: I must be missing the boat on this one.... I ordered some samples off eBay after reading all the reviews on the Issey Miyake perfume line. This stuff STINKS. I mean REALLY BAD. It's obnoxious and heavy (even the night fragrance) and is downright nauseating. I can't believe how many good reviews this product line has received!! Totally blows me away.

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Bath and Body Works Cotton Blossom - all products

Review by aml1: I love this scent, too!! It's so clean and fresh. Very feminine but not overpowering even if you overdo it a little. A coworker of mine wore this and I had to have it. Luckily, it smells good on me, too! :)

Review by drusilladru: I adore the Cotton Blossom products! The scent is a powdery fresh floral. It smells girly and clean. Bath and Body Works has made this a classic and brings it back for the semi-annual sale each year. I especially love the Cotton Blossom lotion.


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