which is the best fragrance?3 best-selling fragrance

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By Elena

which is the best fragrance?Let's see the 3 best-selling fragrance !


Sonia Rykiel Le Parfum

Review by ahappyplace: Purchased this on a trip to Paris and have been wearing it ever since. It smells divine and I am always being stopped and asked what it is I am wearing

Review by Susie31: Sonia Rykiel is famed as a knitwear designer, and this perfume is certainly the perfect sweater perfume (don't even think of wearing it with anything airy! A classic tweed suit would be nice though). It starts of with a lovely whiff of rose and honeysuckle, develops into a mellow but pronounced dry woody-spicy smell which clings for ages. Strong, but not too overpowering, it reeks of class and style. And strength and - to an extent - power. If you want to come across as a flirty, clinging, girly female, this just isn't right!

Review by mielr: For the most part, I agree with what has been said below. To me, Rykiel Le Parfum is Mitsouko without the questionable attitude :) The fragrance is an approachable chypre, complex without being high maintenance. Very happy with our relationship (in edp form)!

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Prada Prada Tendre

Review by ninanina: I got this in the "Devil Wears Prada" Tendre set, and I am enjoying it. I did not like Prada original, I found it too strong, and this soft woodsy scent suits me better. Initially I got a burst of something leafy and tobacco-y, with a sweet floral that popped up and now and then. At drydown, it is a sweet, gentle sandlewood with an occasional hint of something floral.
The presentation of this set is interesting: closed with a purple ribbon, the notes of Prada Tendre are printed all over the box in a light color. Inside is a 1.7 oz Prada Tendre, and small sizes of Prada Original, Prada Tendre and Prada Intense. At 65 (Sephora exclusive), I would recommend this set.

Review by blyss: Lovely and so much more wearable than the original version. I agree with dawnkana's review 100%.

Review by srobinb: I already have the original Prada fragrance, and although I like it very much, it's on the heavy side. I bought Tendre for something lighter, and wow, I LOVE it! When i smelled the bottle before trying it I could smell the Chanel - Chance resemblence (which I also like), but on me they're nothing alike. I love how Tendre smells after a while! The staying power is pretty good imo.

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Bulgari Petits et Mamans

Review by YolandaMC: This smells like baby shampoos. I have got a bottle of scented water version. Really nice, clean and soft but can be strong as well if it is used too much. I use tiny little bit after taking a shower and it makes me feel good. The packaging is cute and it lasts.
The best baby fragrance I have smelled.

Review by dlbd2k06: I used to lust after this because I thought it smelled like heaven. Then I started to dislike it because all the girls started wearing it in the country I live in. When I say all the girls, I mean ALL. Every single college undergrad and their grandma wore it. So while I loved the scent, I started to dislike how generic it was becoming (at least where I live).
Now... I just find it kind of freaky and weird why any grown woman would want to smell like a baby's bum, no matter how "sweet" it is. Anyone over the age of 10 (and 10 is actually pushing it) should NEVER, under ANY circumstances, wear Petits et Mamans.

Review by laurilauri: If you love baby parfume, this is the best one out there! It's a lovely scent mixed with blossoms and fruits, sweet and very refreshing. It's surprisingly long lasting too. If I can only have 1 fragrance for the rest of my life, this would be it!

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