which is the best fragrance?3 best fragrance compare

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By Stella

which is the best fragrance?Let's see the 3 best fragrance compare!


Floris of London Bouquet de la Reine

Review by angelchan: When i first saw it, i was fascinated by the name of this fragrance! I thought that it would be strong and harp and kind of austerious smell!I was surprised when i discovered that one is a floral fruity scent!It is extremely fresh!The only thing i can't smell is peach!Kind of sweet but very fresh! Floral fruity scents are not my type,i prefer heavy orientals.But this one is worth to try for hot months! If you want a fresh floral fruity scent or if you love peach this is your scent!

Review by sophie_tan: I fell in love with this at the beginning of summer having tried some on at Neiman. I finally broke down and bought a bottle. It's interesting that thru the summer I've experience so many new scents and lines that I don't love it like I first did but I do enjoy it. I find it to be feminine, a bit powdery with some soft floral. I am not good at desribing what's "in a scent" unless it's basic but it reminds me of Chanel Allure turned up with some floral added. Definatley worth a try. The bottle is gorgeous!
This fragrance smells just like Nanette Lepore!

Review by blueaygi: I'm still on the fence about this one. I was told this 150 perfume was a Bergdorf Goodman exclusive but I purchased it off ebay for 35.99. At first whiff it smells perfumey and chemically but once it dries down it's a little bit nicer. I wanted to recreate that wondeful smell I fell in love with when I tested this at BG but was disappointed w/this bottle. But I found a way to draw out and maintain all the gorgeous florals in this. I layer it with Creed FdTB and it smells fabulous! :)

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L'Occitane Perfume Extract- Green Tea

Review by beckibabe: Definitely one of the nicer Green Tea fragrances I've smelled. It's nice and fresh and sweet- but not as overpowering as some I've smelled. This is a wonderful way to try out the fragrance before you buy the edt! These cute little bottles go anywhere and last quite a while :)

Review by leeyao: I love this fragrance. It is light and sweet at the same time. Not too 'green' either, but more honey and tea leaves to my nose. It lasts all day and then some.

Review by tetrakis: A nice basic green tea fragrance. It's bright and clean and instantly perks me up, and the little green bottle is easy to carry around to reapply when it fades a few hours later.

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Yves Saint Laurent Paris

Review by Loriwong: I love Paris by Yves Saint Laurent. Prior to this perfume, which I got for Christmas this year from my mom, I had never owned a floral fragrance. I tend to be partial to "sexy" and "sweet" fragrances, often with vanilla or anise notes in them. My hg is lolita midnight, but i also love valentino v and l de lolita lempicka. Anyway, I thought this might end up being a bit old lady smelling and not the boy-friendly of fragrances, but I was wrong. I love the classic rose scent and how classy and feminine I feel while wearing it. This has opened me to florals, I think my next may be Ce Soir Ou Jamias (sp?).

Review by Cygentte3: I am giving this a three for the special memories! I graduated highschool in the late 80's and for my junior and senior years I went through two bottles of this fragrace. I do not like strong florals now and would never think of wearing a fragrance like this, but if you like rose/violet fragrances, I think this is worth a sniff. It sure does bring back sweet memories for me, but I have moved on to different smells since then. With a light hand, I still think this fragrance would be lovely, not for me though.

Review by almighty_curv: One of my favorite perfumes which stays true to its scent throughout the day. Very classic. comforting and somehow very unique. Even when they came up with the various editions, the base note is still the same.

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