which is the best foundation makeup?3 recommended foundation makeup

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By Helen

which is the best foundation makeup?Let's see the 3 recommended foundation makeup !


Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss Mineral Foundation

Review by isabellet: I actually really like this foundation. I was using BM before and thought it was too expensive. Meow has a lot more colors so it is easier to match with your skin and the product size is really good. The samples come in a plastic bag which is annoying, but the actual bigger sizes come in bottles. I think this is one of the better mineral foundations.

Review by ninanina: The variety of shades offered by Meow is quite extensive, almost overwhelming, but I found a really good match quite easily with Frisky Korat. It feels very natural, and keeps my generally oily skin reasonably oil free. And my hyper sensitive acne prone skin seems to take this foundation ok.
The big drawbacks:
- It is quite sheer. It does not offer nearly enough coverage to tone down redness from acne.
- There is a big difference in color between Frisky and Naughty, so if you happen to fall in between, you might have to mix.

Review by JettNY: I have tried soo many foundations liquid, cream, powder, mineral. This is my HG!! The packaging is great, its so affordable, acne friendly, and there are sooo many colors to choose from. The blushes are fantastic too!! I rec this to all of my friends.

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RMK Powder Foundation N

Review by Bethany09: I've been using this for one year now. Medium coverage. A bit dry on skin so make sure to moisturize well before applying (or is it just my combo dry skin? Anyhow, as w any other foundation, a perfectly hydrated face makes a good base). I use RMK Make up Base (regular one, not creamy or mat) underneath this powder foundation, which helps create a lasting, clean finish. This foundation is my favorite among compact ones so far (I've tried Lunasol and Shiseido) because it looks "naturally made-up." The color match is perfect for my Asian skin. I use 102. They have a range of other colors, including in the 201, 202, etc. line for sallow complexions. Try RMK. Their products are top-notch quality. I can be sure that Rumiko put her heart and soul into creating these beauties.

Review by Ellz: I expected so much more since this is HE. Nothing special here - it is a yellow-toned powder foundation which can look heavy if overapplied.

Review by glossgal_01: I live in the US but during my recent trip to Asia, my friends were raving about this brand. Ive been using Chanel for years, but my friend swore by this...its really difficult to purchase.. only certain countries sell it. I had to look for someone in Hong Kong to buy it for me. I would have to say I am very very pleased with it. For me, it didnt break me out at all and the color is perfect for asian skin. I got the 102 color. Im very happy with it.

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Versace Smoothing Skin Foundation

Review by sleepyone: This is a good base for my olive skin, but you have to wear a powder foundation over it as well. It is a good base but doesn't do the job by itself.

Review by fitnessa: I have had a really hard time with finding a formula that didn't irritate my extremely sensitive dry skin.I love that this is a whipped cream,which is very hard to find.It goes on with a silky feeling and covers very well.The color selection is nice and the product is of top quality.One jar will last you FOREVER!! It really isn't expensive at all when you look at how long it lasts.

Review by almighty_curv: Versace Beaute Skin Moisturizing Foundation is the best foundation not just because of the name but because it covers to create a young, glamorous, yet natural look. Its a bit pricey at 55.00 a jar but believe me you get what you pay for. Once you try this foundation youll be hooked, everyone will ask you what are you using on your skin. Try it, it is the best.It is available at Nordstrom Beauty Hotline and Neiman Marcus online.

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