which is the best foundation makeup?3 effective foundation makeup

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By Stella

which is the best foundation makeup?Let's see the 3 effective foundation makeup !


Shiseido Sun Block Compact SPF 32

Review by pinktulip: I used this compact for many years. I always hated the feel of liquid foundation on my face and I really liked that this foundation was in pressed powder form that is convenient for carrying around with you (though I didn't love the bright blue colour of the compact), provided great coverage and had high spf. I found a great colour match too. The reason I stopped using it is that I prefer a more natural look now, with sheer coverage and glowy finish that mineral makeup provides.
If you like a pressed powder foundation with great matte coverage and high spf, this is a great product to try. Just don't put on too much or else it looks cakey.

Review by kjjamm808: Love this powder! One of my favorite Shisiedo products!
I'm using SB1- being a lighter skin Asian. Sometimes I hate slathering on the regular sunblock that makes my face so shiny. Instead, I just slide on the powder from the compact. I especially love the compact- how it separated the sponge from the powder. Definitely will repurchase and repurchase!

Review by srobinb: This is one of my favourite 2 in 1 cake. Compared to the one in Laura Mercier, I love LM much better when talk about texture, but I still love its perfect matching color and its SPF 32. I found that this compact gives me reasonale coverage in summer. (I can only use 2 in 1 cake in summer) It doesn't cause any irritation to my sensitive skin. I even look great in photos in my bad skin day too. Honestly, if I have time, I truly prefer using liquid foundation and press powder. However, if I am in a rush, this 2 in 1 cake still gets the job done decently. I love it and highly recommend to those who have oily skin.

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Shiseido The Makeup Cream Foundation

Review by Farra: This foundation was AWFUL. Not only did it highlight my pores, it also highlighted any lines on my face (I'm in my 20's) and it looked ridiculously dry on me. No matter how much moisturizer I put on my face beforehand, I'd get the same result. Toward the end of the night, the make-up would just find its way into the lines and make it worse. I hated it.

Review by island_honey: I used to love this foundation coverage its awesome. I started not liking it because I became oily and then the coverage began to look cakey because of the oil. Would highly recommend for non oily skinned people. The texture of this foundation is amazing too. Perfect shades to pick from the best!!

Review by Stampy_76: I am very fair skinned (downright PALE) and I purchased the Natural Fair. It appeared too dark in the bottle, but on my skin it completely disappeared, added no color or coverage whatsoever -- it was as if I had no foundation on at all. You may ask, well, isn't that what you're after? A "natural" look? Well, yes, but I can get that for free, not at 34 a bottle. Will emphasize dry skin, and it's hard to get the foundation from the bottle (definitely needs a pump, not the spatula they send with it). Considering the great SPF factor and reviews for this product, it was a disappointment.

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Ramy Beauty Therapy Elixer Liqui-Powder Foundation

Review by CherryBlossom03: I tried this product expecting what I expect from every foundation: not much. But I was pleasantly surprised. THis product is easy to apply, spreads very smoothly, and dries to a very velvet like finish without looking at all chalky. I have oily skin that tends to break through and this totally evens me out and looks terrific all day. The color doesn't darken or change in any way. It stays smooth and consistent. I wish it came with a pump, but other than that I love this product. Prior to this, I would have to say, Chantacaille future skin was the holy grail of foundations, but I'd rather pay 35.00 for this and have no oily breathrough.

Review by jlinh2u: This is my NEW Holy Grail foundation. I recently had my makeup done by the creator of this product, Ramy Gafni. He is the nicest guy and extremely knowledgable and talented. This foundation has the feel of a little silicone which would fill in any lines that you might have. It took very little to make me look "airbrushed"! I am SO impressed--I want to tell all women to try this foundation. You will not be disappointed. I would give it 10 lippies if I could!

Review by isabellet: 07/15/03: Okay..something happened with this foundation. Now this feels like it wants to slide off my face and I have to powder a lot. Sigh..the search continues.******************

I love this foundation. I bought it in Diva Cream Fresh. It goes on so silky, gives great coverage and feels weightless on my skin. I usually get the oily t-zone but this worked really well. I didn't use any powder after applying and only had to pat a little powder on the tip of my nose. It comes with a spatula and there is a lot of product in the bottle. It may look thick but you don't need a lot and it glides on like a dream.

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