which is the best face treatment?3 effective face treatment

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By Monica

which is the best face treatment?Let's see the 3 effective face treatment !


DHC Plakoenta 100

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: I got a sample of this along w/ my order and i don't really care about this at all,i didn't see any improvement in my skin,so i won't be buying the full size bottle.

Review by IiIy: i liked it.........i dont know if it made that much of a difference......sorry this isnt a helpful review is it? it felt like it was doing something..haha.

Review by island_honey: I am writing a review for Plakoenta 100 which is made from refined porcine placenta. DHC has discontinued this product in the united states and replaced with a plant derived version called Botanical Plakoenta for those of you wondering.
Plakoenta 100 made from refined porcine placenta works soooooo well. it was originally 50 but i found some on ebay for a very good price probably because they were being discontinued. i apply this instead of toner and i can immediately feel the difference and when i wake up in the morning, my skin is so nice and soft and i have noticed its lightening affects also (don't expect a miracle though, it's not skin bleach or anything). the downside is that this must be refrigerated, so i have to drag myself to it everytime i wash my face to get the bottle. but well worth it. when i run out, i will try the botancial plakoenta.

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Bath and Body Works Pure Simplicity Burdock Root Skin Mattifier

Review by Olive143: AAAAAAAA-MAZING! My skin always gets shiny and I hate having to blot with oil-absorbing sheets about 5 times a day b/c it's a huge pain and I just get shiny again! haha... but this does the trick!! It lasts all day for me into the evening, except for when it's super hot out or I'm in a stuffy office, then it lasts a bit less. Leaves my skin with a lovely matte finish just like it promises and no oil-slicks! I highly recommend.

Review by isabellet: I could just kiss whoever came up with the idea of making this product. If you have oily skin that pisses you off everytime u do ur make up and look in the mirror an hour later and see a grease mess, you will just love this product. DEFINATELY repurchase.

Review by dlbd2k06: I have very oily skin and have found this mattifier to be best. I have tried Neutrogena's. MAC and others I can't remember. Nothing will ever keep my face oli free all day. But, I do like this product in conjunction with oil blotting sheets. I would repurchase again.

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Unlisted Brand PureDeming - Intense Gels

Review by didion0312: First off: excellent shipping. I ordered this Friday night around 9pm and it arrived Monday afternoon! Wow, I really wish my schoolbooks arrived this quickly. :-)
Now about the product, I have to admit that the previous reviews really, really left me with very high expectations. I've been using it for 5 days now but no noticable results...yet. I plan to update after about a month. I'd like to hope that it'll just take a while!
Week 2 update: Alright I do have to admit that it has begun fading some marks-- hooray! Did nothing for my undereyes though.

Review by zhenya: Upon wandering through the unlisted brand skin care treatments I stumbled upon the reviews for the Pure Deming intense gels and decided to try it after the great posts. The customer service, shipping is outstanding and so is the intense gel. I purchased the R-ala gel and the lactic peel and I'm very pleased with both products, they deliver instant results at an affordable price. I've tried a lot of professional products and they don't come close to how quickly the Pure Deming products perform real results. So happy to have found this gem of a skin care brand, thank you MUA!!!

Review by hersheyb: This broke me out and clogged my pores! I used 2 bottles. Very expensive.

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