which is the best face treatment?3 easy to use face treatments

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By Christina

which is the best face treatment?Let's see the 3 easy to use face treatments !


Nailtiques After Artificial Nail Treatment

Review by jamelia: After removing my acrylic nails, my natural nails were very soft and peeling. I used this product every day and it did indeed help my nails grow a lot faster and stronger than they used to.

Review by Capprii: Oh my gosh, this stuff helped my nails SOOO much! After having acrylics for over 5 years, my nails were so weak and thin (and painful if anything bumped them). I got this stuff and WOW! Now I have graduated to Formula 2, and think I am almost ready for Formula 1!!!

Review by CherryBlossom03: I had acrylic nails for 10 years - when I finally took my nails off, I was amazed at how AWFUL they were. They are thin and weak to start with, but now worse than ever. I have been using the nailtiques After Artificial nail treatment for just over a month, and there has been a significant improvement in the strength of my nails - I will keep using nailtiques once I have grown out my damaged nails - this stuff rocks!

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Garden of Wisdom Skin Buffet Oxygen Rich Anti-oxidant Gel

Review by Alexis: Great product! It definitely helps soothe my slight redness and blotchiness and it helps limit breakouts. I only put this on my trouble spots to conserve the product and I don't really think I need it all over. If you're looking to get away from BP or salicylic acid type products and/or you just have sensitive skin that breakouts then you should def give this a try.

Review by marsqurine: I had high expectations for this product when I got the smaller, trial sized version. I'm looking for a good alternative to BP so when I came upon this I was really excited.
However, this was not an effective product for my skin. I usually put on this gel after a facial exfoliation so that my skin can fully absorb the effects of this product however, the results were less to be desired. I have very oily, acne prone t zone and when I applied the product and left it overnight, I woke up with small pimples on my forehead.
This product did not work for me. I don't think it's potent enough alone to combat those with moderate to severe, oily facial acne problems. Would not repurchase.

Review by peachy905: This didn't seem to help my acne, but it didn't cause any issues either. It did soften my skin and lessen the look of fine lines.

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Revive ReVive Arrete Booster C

Review by minnielouse: um....... The price might be crappy but the product is NOT! Its simply,The best! I mean.. Its made me fall in love with my skin more and I feel more cofident! Bravo ReVive! BRAVO!

Review by cgosyne: It is great stuff and the most convenient way to get a vitamin C topical to work. the ONLY other way is to make it yourself and make it every few days because it degrades so quickly. But this is made well because of the force field to stay longer and the bottle prevents any air from getting to it which is a Vitamin C killer. The whole concept is great. But at 300, just too much. I tell everyone though go to ebay. You CAN afford all the Revive line with the prices on ebay. You can also call any Revive Counter at Nieman Markus (Needless Markup) and ask them to mail you some. Or go in the store. Hey you can call a bunch of them and get enough to cover a full size! hehehe. Otherwise make your own.

Review by cosmokid: God I HATE this entire line! Hey lady - wait a minute, you say. You gave this 5 lippies - how can you hate it? Well, the answer is that I desperately want to hate it because everything is so expensive. Then I try something - usually because someone thrusts a sample into my hot little hands. Sigh. Almost always, it's great stuff. This is no exception. It's absolutely luxurious to use and more effective than any Vit C product I've come across. But, even purchased on eBay, it will set you back a sizeable chunk of change. If you can afford it, than by all means. buy it. You'll love the results.

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