which is the best face toner?3 easy to use face toner

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which is the best face toner?Let's see the 3 easy to use face toner !


Natura Bisse Sensitive Toner

Review by Elixir: My skin was really dry and red last winter and it lasted into the summer months until I stopped using a foaming cleanser and started using this. I was even able to go back to using a foaming cleanser when I used this with it. It cleans gently and has nothing harsh in it that bothers my skin. The only thing I don't like is that it comes with a spray top and the directions say to to apply it to cotton and then apply it to your face, either way I'm not a far of a spray toner.

Review by srobinb: I have sensitive normal-to-dry skin and in my mid-20s. I was looking for a simple toner which moisturises and tones after cleansing. The SA introduced this for me and I like it a lot. It is very mild and calming. It prepares skin for other skincare products. One more plus is you cna use it as spray on top of your makeup for touch up. The price is reasonable, too. I think it is as good as Sisley Floral Tonning Water. They are the best toners for my sensitive skin.

Review by ooliedonna: Not sure what to think about this high-priced hard to find toner from Barcelona. The 3.5 oz. spray-top bottle contains pretty average ingredients, including bisabolol(good) and hydrogenated castor oil (bad). It is a strange smelling mix of botanical and lab-synthesized ingredients. For a toner it is just OK and seems to be (as marketed) for dry or sensitive types. Since I got the bottle for free I will use it - but probably not re-purchase.

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Review by AutumnBliss: I bought this along with the ACTIVE SENSITIVE Derma-Calm Cleansing Lotion, and must say this is a really good toner for sensitive skin. Doesn't seem to irritate my skin and has a nice, clean light scent. It has Botanical Sophorine in it, for sensitive skin.

Review by nishie: Very nice toner from Yves Rocher for sensitive skin. It does not cause any irritations on the skin and removes dirt from the face, you can see the dirt on the cotton after application.

Review by kjjamm808: I really like the Derma-calm line, it's been very, very good for my sensitive skin. This is a nice, basic, very calming toner without oil or alcohol. No fuss, does the job. Though I seem to go through twice as much toner as cleanser, so I always have an extra on hand of this stuff.

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Artistry Clarifying Oil Control Toner

Review by fitnessa: Awesome!!!!!
I didn't know if it had alcohol or not, but it felt just like ordinary water (with some perfume on) splashed on my face. And I love it.
I had really problematic, oily, you name every acne problem, I had it then, and this acutally is my weapon for it.
It's really mild, no stinging sensation or whatsoever, and love love it.
I used it when I was 15 or 16, and if my amway seller is still with me, I would definitely be using it, but she is not.
Even though I don't have it anymore, it left me with good skin that I can use ANY THING!!!! I will be surely missing it.

Review by Lola_Bear: I do not see any difference from using this toner to my Biotherm Biosource Clarifying Lotion. The good thing is it leaves my face smooth and radiant. But I would like to try Artistry's Moisture Rich toner as it doesn't contain alcohol. This toner has a weird scent which puts me off slightly.
Edit: My face feels cleaner using this toner compared to others.

Review by runty: A good toner. It wasn't harsh like alot of the toners I used. I will repurchase.

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