which is the best face scrub?3 best-selling face scrub

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By Sara

which is the best face scrub?Let's see the 3 best-selling face scrub !


Makeup Artist's Choice (MUAC) Micro Polish Cream

Review by peachy905: I really liked this product a lot. The smell reminds me of sugar cookies and it seems to really get the job done without being overly abrasive. You can apply more product and get a deeper scrub if you apply more pressure. The packaging is good because it comes in a tub and you can get out every last bit. I had NO breakouts at all while using this product (that is really saying something btw) I would repurchase and probably will do so very soon!! Another good scrub that I could not find on this site to review was the Loreal Refinish for arms, chest and hands. I use this on my face. Found this stuff at Walmart for 15 and it works GREAT!!! It is pretty harsh, but for me that is a GOOD thing!! It has lightened some leftover acne marks and made my skin glow! Also great for post-peel.

Review by lipstickcrazy: I really like this product overall. It does a great job of exfoliation. The granules are really fine and don't hurt my skin. My face feels super soft after using. I don't care for the smell, so I took off one lippie. It's kind-of sickly sweet, but it fades quickly. Ultimately, I really like the job it does, so I will repurchase for sure.

Review by ninanina: I just ordered 2 samples of this and will definitely be buying the full size when I run out. I'm very used to drugstore scrubs, but after using this one, I don't think I'll ever go back. I'm 29-forever with very acne-prone and dry winter skin right now. This scrub didn't irritate or dry me out crazy. It took care of the previous flakes I had from being dry and made my skin as smooth as glass. I really feel like the very fine and tiny particles in this scrub get into every pore. Leaves me with a very clean feeling minus any drawbacks.

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Totally Juicy Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

Review by diachu21: I bought this product after I read good reviews of it on this website. I would recommend using it on those special nigts or days. Before a date or when you want to smell yummy for that special someone. It's good to keep some of this in the shower "just in case" your feeling generous. It smells pleasant, not overpowering. I think I need to use one of those big round fluffy mesh sponges to get good lather with it though because by itself I didn't get much out of it.

Review by cperry: For the price it can't be beat. It is a good scrub, clean scent and not greasy. The tube does make it easy to use. My only wish is that the scent was stronger or longer lasting.

Review by fuxxy: I'm already on my 6th tube~ What can I say, My HG in body scrubs~

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St. Ives Renew and Firm Apricot Scrub

Review by didion0312: Actually, I want to try on the medicated scrub, which has 2% of salicylic acid. I couldn't find one so I bought this instead. Well, it works great on me. I have combination + sensitive skin with huge pores. My face get dried easily in winter so I use it only one time in the evening. I'm surprised that it doesn't make my face dry like other foam. (Note that I use small amount as same as other foam) So far, my face doesn't break out. Now, I like it more than clinique foaming cleanser.

Review by AutumnBliss: This is the second product from the Apricot scrub line I've tried and I love it. It's a bit less harsh (less sandy) than the blemish and blackhead control one and doesn't give you a case of the dreaded flakies. It doesn't make my face all red in the cheeks either like most of the other cleansers i've tried. Also, made my skin super soft and the best its looked in a long time. This is definately my favorite cleanser I've ever tried and for only 3 bucks!

Review by blacklittlepig: I used to hate this product when I was younger. I bought this a couple years back because everyone raved about it. I followed the instructions on the tube and it made my skin dry and horrible. I hated it.
I have dry, sensitive, eczema-prone skin and just recently I tried it again -- used it like any other exfoliator. It worked amazingly. It made my skin feel so smooth and I didn't react badly to it at all. Supposedly the apricot pits cause microtears in the skin, but because I haven't reacted badly to this, and this formula isn't as harsh as the others I will continue to use it. I just wouldn't scrub too hard, just gentle circular motions.
For my regimen, I alternate between this and my St. Ives Olive Scrub. I do a scrub every 3-4 days to get rid of flakies :) It's been working fabulously! Definitely try it~

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