which is the best face cleanser?3 recommended face cleansers

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By Fiora

which is the best face cleanser?Let's see the 3 recommended face cleansers !


Boots expert sensitive gentle cleansing wash

Review by clnfox: This is one of my favorite cleansers! I always switch them because I get bored or because they don't work...but I think I will keep repurchasing this cleanser for a while. I love how gentle it actually is. It feels so soft on my skin when I am washing it and it leaves my skin feeling soft too. I have acne prone skin and it hasn't cause any breakouts, in fact it has cleared them away. My complexion seems to look a lot healthier and radiant. I love it!!

Review by ciarar: This is a great cleanser! Doesn't contain sulfates and detergents that can irritate the skin and may be carcinogenic..I love the foamy texture too! It's almost like a mousse that ou get to spread on your face and it makes it much easier for me to spread it on my face...This may be an HG pdt but I'm gonna try the Purpose cleanser first and update this in comparison! This is still workin alright BUT it is quite drying now along with my actives so I'm switching to a less drying cleanser like olay sensitive skin or neutrogena gentle cleanser...

Review by bastet: I have been using this product for about 1 month. I started using retin a micro and I needed a more gentle cleanser than the neutrogena deep cleanser I had been using. I gave this cleanser a try because of all of the great ratings it got on MUA. I really wanted to dislike it though. I didn't really think I would like a cleanser that pumped out into a foam, as opposed to a gel. I figured it would cause breakouts or make my skin super oily, but it didn't. I use this cleanser, then follow it up with witch hazel toner, and retin a micro at night. I might even go so far as to say that my skin looks radiant at times!
PS: I do realize that my results may be due to the Retin A.

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The Organic Pharmacy Carrot Butter Cleanser

Review by mashafromrussia: This is hands down the BEST cleanser I have ever used, and I have tried quite a few. You need to remove it with a muslin cloth for best results. It is amazing, takes off all make up, and leaves your skin feeling really soft. Since I have been using this, my skin has seriously never looked better. I really rate this brand, they are expensive but for the quality of ingredients and also the results, I think they are worth every penny. Even tho this stuff is amazing, I really just can't justify the price. Recently I have been useing coconut oil to cleanse, and frankly the results have been the same, only minus the lovely packaging!

Review by betsyab: I had to make this my first review; I love this cleanser!
-It works really well at removing make-up
-A little goes a long way
-Great for sensitive skin
-Skin left feeling really nourished
The whole range is really lovely but this cleanser is by far the best, well worth the price tag.

Review by iberian: This cleanser is just ok. Its quite waxy though and its quite difficult to remove, I always find it leaves like a residue of wax after using it, which worries me that other products aren't going to penetrate the skin. They say use hot water to help remove it, but I don't want to use to hot water.
I would not buy again. I would definately use a toner and cotton wool after using this. Its also really expensive, it used to be £20 now its like £10 more! I hate the way they keep putting the prices up. It just plain GREEDYNESS!
Removes make up, grime and eye make up
Exfloliates skin when used with a wash cloth
Product in jar form (dip fingers in etc)
Leaves a waxy residue

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Avon Clean N Go Cleansing Cloths

Review by nechama22: I love these!!! Have bought them again and again! Take off all my makeup(including mascara) no problem. Very gentle and not drying.These are so simple when I'm just to tired at night for a long routine.Just wash tone and pick a treatment.The 1 product I can not be without.

Review by AimeeO: I really liked these. They are great to take off your make up without using a harsh make up remover and they even get off mascara. They smell nice and are really gentle. The packaging is weird, it would be more convinent if you could just pull them out of the box through a hole or something but I will get them again.

Review by IMAproductwhore: i have been using this for monthes now and am really pleased...im picky and easily get bored with cleansers but i have stuck to this one for some time..i have also ben using the pure o2 avon cleanser...great prouducts!

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