which is the best face cleanser?3 effective face cleanser

By Vicky

which is the best face cleanser?Let's see the 3 effective face cleanser !


Avene Cleanance soapless gel cleanser for oily skin

Review by nina: Love this cleanser! It has a nice texture (not too fluid) and no fragrance whatsoever and really leaves your skin feeling super clean, but not too tight nor dry.
There is one thing that annoys me about the packaging: you have to screw/unscrew the cap while having wet/slippery hands, so it's really difficult to handle.

Review by i_darling: Great product. Not over-drying, lasts a long time, effective. Really does lessen my sebum production and is great on the dry parts of my face as well.

Review by cperry: I love this cleanser! It was recommended to me by a SDM cosmetics consultant when i complained about my dry, itchy broken out winter skin. I was using cleansers that were way too harsh for my skin, I guess I thought I had to use a strong product to get rid of the acne. Quite the opposite! i have been using it for over a year now and my face loves me again, and feels great. And I have completely converted to Avene products. A bit expensive, but by far worth every penny.

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Nature's Gate In the Beginning Gentle Cleansing Lotion

Review by edie4711: This is a nice gentle cleanser that doesnt irritate myskin
BUT: 1) i have to use at least 8 pumps every eveninig so its not economical - a whole lasted me for 2 months.
2) it's too gentle to remove waterproof makeup so ihave to scrub with a cloth which irritate my sensitive skin.
So for this price i think i can find a better cleanser.

Review by lipstickcrazy: Love this product!
I am switching all of my beauty products to products by companies that do not test on animals and decided to try this for that reason and based on reviews I read.
Overall the product works great! I use it to take off my makeup and then use a toning cleanser to finish the job. It feels really nice, smells great and hasn't irritated my skin in the least.
Packaging is really nice, it's a pump, a little goes a long way and the bottle is so pretty it looks nice in the bathroom.
Price was fantastic! I paid 9.99 at Winners in Toronto. Can't beat that!!
I will definitely buy again.

Review by hersheyb: I bought this product at the local Winners store in downtown Toronto for 12 CAD. Overall, it is a great makeup remover. The lotion melts the makeup and oils from my face without effort. I follow with my regular Avene cleanser and mositurizer to seal the deal. I love the glass pump and the smell is mild but pleasant.

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Isomers Australian Harvest Cleanser

Review by DawnD: Perfect for aging skin that needs daily exfoliation. And my adolescent daughter uses it as well, for her oily skin. Love the fragrance. Can use on dry or wet skin, then rinse. The first cleanser w/ abrasive grains that doesn't redden my skin.

Review by gogoamy: I am new to Isomers and this cleanser is exactly what I was looking for my combination skin type. It contains salicylic acid and you can feel how it goes into your pores and leaves my skin soft and really clean. I use it every night when I have make-up on and when my face is still wet I wipe off a facial tissue to get rid of any make-up traces; in the morning I use isomers daily cleanser (lactic acid) instead. It's great, specially for oily or combination skins and I need a good facial cleanser with my other treatment skincare products.

Review by quantumkitten: I use an olive oil makeup remover to remove my mineral makeup, then after rinsing that off, I use this cleanser. I leave it on for several minutes, then I massage to make sure my pores are clean. I don't mind the tea tree oil smell as it smells really clean and fresh. I find this cleanser to be a fantastic deep cleanser that doesn't strip or is too abrasive.

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