which is the best eyeshadow?3 top eyeshadows brand

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By Helen

which is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 top eyeshadows brand!


Clinique Color Surge Eyeshadow Velvet

Review by kimby83: I love this eyeshadow! I got it in Bewitched. If you apply it lightly, it can go for an everyday look, and if you apply it darker, it works for evening and smoky eye looks. It's worth buying.

Review by Susie31: I love the Color Surge Shadows but just cant get excited about matte shadows. I have Color Surge Velvet Shadow in Faded Denim from a GWP set. Its a matte navy blue without any vibrance to it, hence the faded part. The color is nicely pigmented and goes on smoothly. Its just a very average shade. Nothing spectacular here at all. Nice for a smoky eye but very plain shade. Retails for 13.50 and comes in a silver compact but is not currently available for individual purchase.

Review by CherryBlossom03: I like this eye shadow, it is great as a base (for all over the lid).
I just prefer Angelfood.

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NYX Antique Gold

Review by mworley00: beautiful lids color. I love the combo of this with Khaki for the crease color. The dark gold is so wearable, its hard to find a really wearable yellow/gold but this is it.

Review by miss_mac: If you have green or hazel eyes, this is a marvelous, affordable gold shadow. I like the bronze/khaki notes in it, which, as others have said, make it great for every day gold. It's a lovely warm look that is also compatible with a cool skin tone.
My only complaint is that this goes on sheer and does need to be "built up."

Review by drusilladru: This is one of my staples. I mix it with MAC's Goldmine and Print all the time. It really makes my eyes pop. Amazing texture again like all NYX single shadow pots.

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Mary Kay Eyesicles in Vanilla

Review by Newme: I think at 12 this is a little pricey compared to the powder shadows at 6.50, but I think they are great. My mom bought this shadow for me when they just came out a few years ago, and I am still on the same tube, the consistency has not changed AT ALL. This, along with the nice germ-free tube packaging is why I have not felt the need to replace yet. It goes on nicely and doesn't crease. I wear this all over, with the silver shade on my lids - looks great and I've gotten many compliments on it!

Review by coolRED: This is the only eyeshadow I use. Seriously. There are absolutely no eyeshadows in my makeup bag except for one little tube of this.

Review by andij: This cream shadow was one of the worst I have tried. It creased horribly on my eyelids, even though I used only the tiniest dab possible. I had to apply several layers to see even the tiniest hint of shimmer, but each layer creased so....it wasn't really worth it! I tried this product with one of MK's new summer shadows on top, and the eyesicles did absolutely nothing to enhance the color or lasting power of the shadow. I'm glad I just tested this out at a MK party and did not actually purchase!

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