which is the best eyeshadow?3 recommended eyeshadow reviews

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By Monica

which is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 recommended eyeshadow reviews!


Sally Girl Sally Girl - Sun Kiss

Review by Cygentte3: I bought Sun Kiss on clearance for 0.99 and I must say it was worth every penny. In the pan I found the color a bit garish. But it looked surprisingly good on my
hazel eyes. (Finally a blue I can wear!) These last almost eight hours on me and the pigmentation is definitely comparable to higher end brands. The packaging is uber cute too. By all means pick one up if you still can.

Review by tambien: I love to use this as an eyeliner. My only complaint is that it doesn't seem to last that long on me (maybe it's the Georgia humidity), but despite that, I think it's great quality for the price.

Review by clnfox: beautiful, shimmery, medium-toned teal e/s with a golden cast. great texture, pigmentation + wearability!

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L'Oreal HIP Concentrated Shadow Duo - Flare

Review by AimeeO: I have about 10 of the HIP duos, and this is by far my fav. I use it just about everyday. I love the 2 colors together, I use the orange color on my lid, a deeper maroon color in my crease and the tan color as a highlight. I love the tan color it is an amazing highlight color. They are really soft, almost creamy in texture, and really pigmented. I love the packaging, and will def. repurchase.

Review by biomechmonster: I love this duo. Both the orange and the shimmery champagne color are beautiful. Whenever I wear the orange people always ask me where I got my eyeshadow because it's gorgeous. I usually pair it with some MAC coppering in the crease and it really makes my blue eyes pop. I'm really into loud make up so it works for me. I use the lighter color for a highlight all the time.

Review by Viognier: I was drawn to this because of the ad. The orange shade looked really edgy. It is a really pretty colour but doesn't pop against olive skin as well as it would fair skin. The yellow colour, maybe an earthy gold really, is not bad. I prefer the orange shade however. I wear it as an eyeliner on my lower lashline. The package is great: the bottom flips open to mirrored compartment that holds the sponge applicator. The price is a little higher than most drugstore shadows, especially to order into Canada but worth it because the staying power is fabulous!

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Urban Decay Bobby Dazzle

Review by tippygirl: I'm on my 3rd one of these. Very happy with 2 out of the 3 (all the same colour, Bobby Dazzle), but the first one I had was...I can only describe the texture as 'porridge-y'. It seemed to have large-ish 'flakes' of the base colour in it, which was a real pain when applying, as I had to pick them off my eyelids with a dampened cotton bud. I've compared notes with a few friends who're also UD fans and they agree with me that it just seems to be the 'luck of the draw' as to whether you get one of the 'porridge-y' ones or one which is smooth on application. I'll definitely look closely at the next one before I buy, as the 'faulty' ones also seem to make the shadow crumble in the corner if you start there. Other than this complaint I have nothing but good to say about the colour and coverage/pick up of this product and would agree with the other two reviews here

Review by mriaow: i'm surprised there's not much reviews on this. it was continuously sold out at my sephora and ulta. this product is very fine glitter that does not feel gritty at all. the bobby dazzle is basic white glitter. the texture is sort of strange to me, not in a bad way though. it's not like the tradition powder eyeshadow, neither is it a cream. whatever it is, it goes on nice and smooth. there's still some fall outs though, but it doesn't bother me that much. the packaging is kinda cool since you squeeze the sides and the lid pops off.

Review by meeshmu: IF you like glitter, there is no way you can pass this up! It's gorgeous the way it catches the light! Yes, it's glitter, but not chunky or cheap looking. LOVE!

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