which is the best eyeshadow?3 good eyeshadows review

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By Fiora

which is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 good eyeshadows review!


Stila Shadow Pots Eye Mousse Amber

Review by island_honey: EWEWEW.
GOD I HATE THIS eyeshadow!!
it creases as soon as i put it on, it makes a mess, it makes the rest of my face look washed out and pale, it makes me look like a drag queen, and it's so heavy and thick...ew i hate it when it becomes all greasy and...i dont even want to go into that. but yeah point is that this pretty much sucks.

Review by Newme: I bought this last weekend. It's a beautiful lavender color and when I use it with a shadow primer it goes on smoothly and wears all day. I had no creasing even when I got hot (it was 90 degrees in Florida). I also bought Honey which is more of a mauvey color and they looked great together.

Review by wunverdoll: This is my fave 'pink' e/s! Sephora was doing a Stila event (make-overs) and the MA used this as an e/s. She softly applied this to my eyes and it looked coppery pink, not bad. I love it because it looks wet. When I got home I was curious because I have never owned mousse e/s so I layered the thing and it came out a sheenish powder pink, VERY pretty. I love this stuff! I want more shadow pots eye mousse. Whenever I buy pink e/s I would look like I got hit in the eye, lol. But this little sucka is so beautiful I love it. The only thing I hate about this is it's hard to apply. e/s sponge will take too much mousse...for now I am using my finger. I need to buy a brush for this, like the way the MA applied it on my eyes.

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Almay Almay Bright Eyes Color Cream Shadow in Lilac Lustre

Review by Dimitra: I love this color as a base for any purple eye. By base I mean as an eyeshadow base. I love to apply it before any eyeshadow, it creates a beautiful lilac canvas and also helps my eyeshadow to stay put. It was a great deal at BOGOF at Walgreens awhile back. I also bought Champagne Shimmer, which works with any other eyeshadow combination that I dream up. I like the texture of these much more than MAC Paints and the price, is so much more affordable.

Review by labelslut: When someone told me that this was like MAC Mauvism paint (a HG), I had to get it...but I was very disappointed. It isn't shimmery enough for me, and the color leaves something to be desired. It also isn't blendable enough for me. Oh well, I guess I'll stick with Mauvism! Should be called LiLAClustre...

Review by stephanie32082: I picked this up on sale for 6.99 Canadian. I already have Champagne Shimmer which I love and use quite often. Lilac Lustre is truly lilac with no pink tones. It is darker than I anticipated. I have to be careful when applying because I have light skin and too much of this colour is overkill. I only use a light layer in the crease for a smokey lilac look. As usual, the tube packaging is awful. Every time I open the cap, the product comes out very quickly and I have to immediately recap or too much comes out.

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Jane Eye Zing in Goldie Looks

Review by staci01: This is my second eyezing I own and I am loving it! The color looks like an antique gold (not bright or bold.) It's very subtle on my MMM skin and has great staying power.

Review by labelslut: This is a nice gold shade---not too metallic, just a nice gold shimmer. It works with my hazel eyes really well (gold-green with a gold-brown ring in the middle). Lasts well, and is very slow to crease. And cheap! :)

Review by srobinb: It came out more sheer than I expected -- it is a dark gold in the pan, but is a nice blendable hint of gold on me. I actually like that better that hard-core pigmented -- rather than using it as a main or crease color, I use it as a wash, to complement (and bring out the gold in) dark e/s like MAC Humid or Trax. I love it, and I'd buy again. (if you want gold gold, check out Milani Desert Sun).

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