which is the best eyeshadow?3 effective eyeshadows ranking

By Sara

which is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 effective eyeshadows ranking!


Prestige Chiffon C-230

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: prestige e/s rules! good pigment, texture, wearbility. chiffon is a shimmery light-medium nude-tinted pink. cool PPP skintone, brown hair and eyes.

Review by auth: PRODUCT: Single eyeshadow from Prestige

COLOR: Chiffon

COST: 3.79

DISCRIPTION: Shimmering light pink eyeshadow

PIGMENT: Great. The color that goes on my eyes, is the same color in the container. very true to color.


CONTAINER: A round eyeshadow single.

WOULD I BUY AGAIN: Yes. A nice shimmering pink. Lovely

Review by suze9_8: I find myself going to this shimmery, almost silvery pink almost every day. Applied dry, it's a glowing wash of light pink. However, I prefer to spray some Fix+ on a brush and foil it for a metallic, frosty lid color that goes really well with almost any brown or gray crease color! I've also worn it with Jane Clubbing (sparkly black) and Prestige Love (cool hot pink) in the crease or as liner. This is beautiful!

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Body & Soul Scandal Eyeshadow

Review by tetrakis: I love the color and it's really good quality that lasts all day. The color is great for both summer and winter, day time and night time. I would absolutely buy it again!!

Review by scrapdoll: Scandal is beautiful- a coppery-rose shimmer, similar to the likes of Stila Apres Beach. Beautiful for a warm, sultry eye, and the shimmer is just perfect.

Review by Jennybear: This is a peach/pink/gold color, very highly pigmented. I thought it was more gold, unfortunetly spent 10 on shipping to get it!

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Stila Seasonal Eye Shadow Trio Shimmer Shadows 2005 Cool

Review by Carrie: This trio of plum shades is GORGEOUS! A pale pearly white all over my eye, followed by the soft lighter plum on the lid, and the darkest plum in the crease make my green eyes POP! As previous reviewers said, these shadows are so silky, but they don't feel as if they'll crumble, the way the FF palettes did. I disagree with the previous reviewer who said this palette isn't as bright as the Italian Ice purple palette. I didn't like that palette because those shadows BARELY showed up on my lids! These are just perfect. Not to garish for day...just right for me!

Review by i_darling: My word, what a fabulous set of shadows from Stila. I'd almost given up hope on them for a bit there....then out comes this. This limited edition set of three purple shimmer eye shadows are the best I've seen for some time from Stila - lovely soft buttery texture, VIVID colours and great staying power (still looks perfect even though it's nearly 5pm and I've had them on since 7am this morning). The lightest colour is a pale shimmery lilac which really brings out the eyes. The medium colour is an intense light violet, while the darkest colour is a deep purple which is great for lining or dabbing on the outer eye. Honestly, this is just a pleasure to wear. Just be careful not to apply too much - the pigmentation on this is so good that a little goes a long way. Good value for money. Why can't all eye shadows be like this??? More, more, more! Me : NC200, LSF5.

Review by Lyssa2676: Yes! This trio has given me what I wanted from Urban Decay's "Grifter". The middle shade in this trio is a gorgeous icy toned lilac that is amazing on my green eyes, but with UD I had to tap off the chunky glitter and still deal with fallout, the Stila trio is a much nicer product with identical color. The texture is amazing, as always, buttery soft and smooth. Incredibly easy to apply. I used the lightest shade as a very sheer wash to my brow bone and a bit heavier int he inner corner, added the medium shade across my lid and used the deepest in my outer v and lightly in the crease finishing with a sweep of the darkest under my lower lashes. This is my perfect purple eye, so gorgeous but not clownish in any way. I paid 10.xx shipped on eBay out of the UK and am thrilled!

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