which is the best eyeshadow?3 easy to use eyeshadow review

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By Elena

which is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 easy to use eyeshadow review!


Ulta Sandstone

Review by taurusgurl5984: Purchased this product today as i've heard good things about it from youtube gurus. Whenever i hear a 'good taupe color' i'm all in! Just opened it and swatched it and i was very dissappointed.. not a great color pay off, was very smooth though. I had to really rub my finger a few times on the shadow and do at least 3 layers on the back of my hand to get any color. The color as it looks in the pot looks gorgeous just didn't show up as that color on my skin - i'm an nc25. This is the first Ulta shadow i've tried and will probably be the last.

Review by YolandaMC: This is nice. It's a wonderful shimmery taupe-tan that works excellent as a eyewash. I paired this with Tigi's Teal eyeshadow, and it looks amazing together!

Review by pink_cosmos: I love this eyeshadow! I bought it during a BOGO sale, my friend picked it out and was going to take it [I only wanted the one color], and now I'm so glad she forgot it in my bag. It looks a little gray in the package, which usually looks terrible on me, but when I put it on it looks a lot different. It's very shimmery, and stays on great. This is one of the only shadows I've seen in this color, it's sort of a taupey silvery purplish color, and I think it would look great on any eye color. I've gotten a lot of compliments on it, which makes me love it even more! :-]

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MAC Yogurt Eyeshadow

Review by lipstik: Ugh, I really should have listened to the reviews on this one. It's kind of chalky and makes me look like I've been crying.

Review by i_darling: it's a pretty pale pink color in a matte finish. i wear it as my base color and it really brightens up my eye area.

Review by cgosyne: Best base colour! I love it's consistency.

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Urban Decay Cream eyeshadow in Go Army

Review by ciarar: I wasn't expecting to like the UD Cream Shadows, and the DID take some getting used to, but I really like them. They work great as a base under similar colors (gives an extra layer of depth and color) and they also work very nicely as liquid eyeliners (just make sure you use a thin e/l brush for the best effect!). They last all day (but they can crease, especially in hot/humid weather) and the color payoff is great. They aren't drying or cakey and the packaging is convenient and cute. Not my favorite UD product, but a good one, nonetheless. This particular color is beautiful. I also have Gotham and Foxy. Sometimes the glitter in Foxy gets a bit annoying, but aside from that, I like these!

Review by Pinki: I picked this up dirt cheap at TJ MAxx..aong with Knee High for 5.99 for BOTH of them new and sealed in the box. I thought, what have I got to lose? UD is selling these on their site for 16 bucks.
I LOVE THIS SHADOW! And I normally don't wear cream shadows. But I love UD e/s.
Go Army is an olive green. I diddnt find to much glitter in it at all. You can tone it down for the daytime with a nice brown in the crease.. or play it with a smoky eye for the evening. I bet you can even pair some fun colors with it since it does have some gold undertones in it to make a nice summer shade. It blends easy and stays on and does not crease. In fact, It stays on REAL GOOD. My eyes are a light brown almost hazel. And this green brought out alot of the gold in my eyes. It also works great as a liner.

Review by minnielouse: I found this at Tjmaxx a few months ago and its sooo nice. Its very metallic green and looks like paint on my eyelids. haha! I know that will probably turn alot of you off, but its really a great product.....if you like bold colors. if you are more of a subtle shadow person, this isn't for you... I gave it 4 lippies because after I put it on, if I don't look down for a while to let it dry, it creases. But if you let it dry, it never creases...even after all day.

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