which is the best eyeshadow?3 best-selling eyeshadows comparison

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By Helen

which is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 best-selling eyeshadows comparison!


Laura Mercier Paris By Night Eye Shadow

Review by CherryBlossom03: This is my first eye shadow I had (together with topaz), and I love it. It is a great crease color, it blends easily. The color is very versitile, it can look more brown if combined with more brown toned shades and more purple if combined with purple toned shades.
Together with Topaz, it is a great evening look (or daytime if you like darker looks, like me) and it looks great on my green eyes. It is a combination I use when I don't want to think about colors and want to be fast. This looks great with anything. I've already bought a back-up of this...

Review by coolRED: This is a flat matte plum/purple with a slight hint of brown. It is exactly the shade of black eye bruises which unfortunately is how it looks on me. This is probably better suited to those who use many shades on their eyes with careful blending and other colours it would probably be fine, I just smudge e/s around my lash line hence the bruised look.

Review by lorrainer07: Love this shade, only wish it came in the pop-out version. It is long lasting and beautiful, a smokey matte plummy brown. A perfect crease color. Got it on-line for 19.00. I believe it has been discontinued. Too bad!!!

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Neutrogena Mineral Sheers for Eyes-Sand 40

Review by Sybil84: Mineral Sheers e/s is just what the name suggests; it's very sheer. Sand is a light pale brown and vanilla duo. Both are very similar color, and the darker shade is very, very pale and silivery. You'll be disappointed if you expect it to be brown. But i like to use it as a wash and it leaves a nice sheen on my lids. It brightens my eyes, surprisingly. I like the vanilla color on my browbones and it works really great also and lasts all day. I would give it a 5, but i took off one lippie because it lacks pigment. VERY cheapy packaging.

Review by AokiJ: These colors are very pretty but you have to apply these colors the right way. I like to use the light shade under my brow bone, and the darker shade, I gently pat it on my eyelid with an eyeshadow brush. It is perfect for an everday natural eye makeup look. Like I said before, don't apply to much because it will look to bold and glittery. Does fade fairly fast if you don't use an eyeshadow primer, but a pretty good eyeshadow overall.

Review by IiIy: I bought this product when it was on sale one day, and got it for dirt cheap...so I don't know what the actual price is...sorry. I do like it a lot though, it's perfect for my light skin tone, and just adds enough shimmer and color to bring out my green/blue eyes. I prefer eyeshadows with hinged tops, and so this sliding top is a little annoying. I do like innovative design though, so I don't really mind. I might be convinced to buy it again (if I ever ran out) if it happened to be on sale again. There are plenty of other good brands of eyeshadow out there, and this one is not terribly special...though I do like Neutrogena and am confident in their product quality.

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Smashbox Smashing VAPOR

Review by runtagua: SO pretty! I think Smashbox is a very under rated brand...they have some gorgeous eyeshadows! Anyways Vapor is a light shimmery vanilla-taupe color with slight pink undertones. Works great as a brow highlighter! Texture is great, color is buildable and non cakey.

Review by biomechmonster: Vapor is a very pretty shimmery ecru with golden undertones, Very pretty highlighter shade. This color comes individually as well as in a duo!. Lasts all day without creasing and blends easily with nice amount of pigment.

Review by Ellz: Vapor is a very light shimmer. Color is hard to describe...somewhere between a light goldish hue. Very LIGHT. Great as a highlighter under brow, or overall wash for entire eyelid.

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