which is the best eyeshadow?3 best eyeshadows

By Elena

which is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 best eyeshadows !


Lancome Ombre Absolue Radiant Smoothing in 113 Erika F

Review by blyss: I find the hype surrounding this to be just that. This is a very sparkly plantinum. I find the mineral powders from various internet cosmetic companies to be far better in texture and colour. There is no multi-dimensional effect, it only has a slight taupe tint. It is not complex by any means and you can get the effect plus a lot more from numerous shadows from about face, meow, etc. Without primer there is serious fall out and I find the formula too gritty. It isn?t smooth or creamy like many pigments or shadows that I own. I prefer MAC smoke and diamonds which is finer in texture and not glitter filled.

Review by Farra: This color is just stunning. Deceivably simple in the pan, it is very complex on the eye. You can use it with warm colors (retrospect) and it plays warm or use it with cool (clue) and it goes that way. Beautiful texture and lasting ability. Hope we get it in the US

Review by leeyao: I bought it in Jeweled Aubergine and I just love it. You can use the eyeshadows wet and the pigments are very intense. They're sparkly without being too glittery and flattering on my skintone even though I can't normally wear anything with reddish undertones. They're longlasting and blending easily. My favorite powder eyeshadow that I've found so far.

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Bobbi Brown Mink

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: This is a neutral/cool shade, more of a lighter, neutral brown compared to LM's Coffee Ground (which appears deeper and grayer). I purchased this to use as a liner, but for now it is far too cool and light, however it blends nicely over BB's Caviar and Rich Brown. I will save this for winter to use as a liner, but worry it may be too ashy to be flattering. Great e/s for a very subtly smokey eye. Would work well for a bottom liner, the outer V. Reminds me of a cooler version of a soft brown you'd see Natalie Portman wearing with her smokey eye.

Review by bunnyrabbit: Mink is one of two new shadows added to the Bobbi Brown matte line. (The other is Birch.) Mink is a dark brown, not quite as warm as Espresso. I find it a beautiful shadow for the crease. The texture is amazing -- soft, blendable, luscious. Another winner from Bobbi.

Review by franjipany: Recently I went to a makeover event with Bobbi Brown herself, and she recommended this shade w/ Mica on top, bone under the brow and black eyeliner for an evening/special event look for me.
I really love the results, sort of a soft, smokey eye.

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Shu Uemura IR Rainbow 900Y

Review by vengland: Pretty on a bare eye, if you want a warm touch of shimmer on one part of your face only. However, at 18.00 a pop, I have difficulty in justifying a repurchase in the future.

Review by pretty_please: Almost identical to MAC's Vanilla Pigment. Beautiful off-white pale gold shimmer. Stays on FOREVER. A little too much on the sparkly for me (thought I'd use at night), but just gorgeous.

Review by clnfox: A very pretty, yet basic color. It's a champagnish gold with shimmer, but it's not chunky shimmer. Rather it gives more of a glowy look. Perfect for someone like me who doesn't wear eyeshadow often and wears very light ethereal looking colors more. I would repurchase even though it's not a unique color--but only because of the silky and blendable texture of Shu eyeshadows.

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