which is the best eyeshadow?3 best eyeshadows comparison

By Elena

which is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 best eyeshadows comparison!


MAC Coppering (veluxe pearl)

Review by blacklittlepig: Sooo pretty! I bought this because the SA at MAC put in on her hand and showed me the color! And then, of course, I bought something else to go with it, and that ended up being Amber Lights. :) This is a really pretty, bright orangey bronze color that is *great* in the crease when you want a pop of color. Looks great on my GGG skin, and with my dark brown eyes. :)

Review by lipstik: This color looks scary but it's totally beautiful! It makes my eyes so blue! It's definitely a color you can layer and is a staple in my summer eyeshadow palette!

Review by LuiLui: (0 - 5 points, 5 = excellent, 0 = very bad)
pigmentation: 5
texture: 4
blendable: 3
colour-fast: 5
versatile: 2
staying power: 4
TOTAL POINTS: 23 of 30 = good
Totally rocks for blue, green or brown eyes!
But you have to use a very light hand here, because this is one of the most pigmented MAC colours I know, plus it's shimmery.
I never use it all over my lid, only where I want an extra spot of colour. It's not at all neutral.
I like it - but I can totally understand if some people only think *ewww* when they see Coppering. So you probably have to find out on your own here! ;)

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MAC Satellite Dreams

Review by coolRED: GEORGEOUS COLOR! This is beyond one of the most beautiful purple's i have ever seen. This color is alongside nocturnelle. The color comes out what it looks like in the pot. I adore the color, but the downside is, its quite hard to make the color noticeble. 1 swipe, it just comes out as a faint purpley color. But overall i will repearchase again and again.

Review by Carrie: Uh, why aren't there many reviews for this product? This eyeshadow is STUNNING. Ever since I tried MAC's Violet Pigment I've fallen hard for purples but none of MAC's other hard shadows were pigmented enough. Satellite Dreams fulfills this need really well - super pigmented, easy to apply and is vibrant and eye-catching. I love pairing it with Woodwinked or other gold-ish colours like Goldmine, Nylon or Urban Decay's Half Baked.

Review by Cristy1970: GREAT eye shadow! The texture is very smooth and the color is gorgeous (deep purple with shimmer). I'm fair with blue eyes and this eye shadow compliments my eyes very well and makes them POP (I pair this color with MAC's Yogurt). One of my all time favorite eye shadows.

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L'Oreal On-The-Loose - Beachy Keen

Review by tippygirl: This is a bronze/copper shade that looks very dark, but depending on how you use it, it goes on sheer or dramatic. I pat it sparingly as a wash or use a brush for a smokey eye. It's also great as a liner.

Review by kit_kat68: My first OTL (Why did I wait so long??:)
I really love this color -- it's a perfect bronzey-brown with some shimmer. I have been wearing it in the crease with UD's baked e/s and bronzer. I also just mixed some of it with UD's baked gloss and it looks great:) Would highly recommend!
My coloring: NW20/25 black hair, blue eyes.

Review by Jessimau: I love this :) I wear it almost everyday because its follproof! I do it when im in a rush and it still looks gorgeous. Its a bronzy brown, the staying power is eh, pretty decent, but i like it :)

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