which is the best eyeshadow?3 best eyeshadows compare

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By Sara

which is the best eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 best eyeshadows compare!


MAC French Grey

Review by Keva: I am about to ruin the perfect reviews for this. i thought this was just okay. I heard all the reviews here and even though i passed on it twice, i caved and got it. Its a very sheer light grey brown. Its very subtle and sheer. its pretty on but not very unique IMO. It really just looks like a light chocolate brown on my lids. Pretty daytime color but i cant say its a must have.

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: I LOVE this color! It looks like a plain brown in the package, but it goes on as a smoky greyish brown that is absolutely ravishing. It works as a daytime shadow or can be used to get a smoky look. I wear this color all the time, although I couldn't find it on the website today, I'm hoping it will be in the store when I go on Friday!

Review by labelslut: I was disappointed to find out late 2008 that this product was discontinued (limited edition) as it's a great match for my eyebrows and daily eyeshadow. Originally one of the sales representatives at The Bay recommended I try the French Grey as it's a versatile colour that blends well with Carbon (what colour doesn't go with black?). I'm almost out of my pot of French Grey, and the only other colour that comes close to it right now is Shale, which seems more purple in comparison.

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NYX Red Bean Pie

Review by Loriwong: Red Bean Pie is a gorgeous dark plum shade with a suede, slightly shimmery finish. The texture is amazing, like a lot of NYX shadows, but this one is particularly satiny. I've found it best to apply this with my finger. It's perfect in the crease, or for a bolder look on the lid. Goes great with golds, greens, navy, and lighter shades.

Review by DawnD: This a frosty burgandy leaning pink that needs to be packed on to show up on my skintone. The shadow itself is smooth, buttery, and very easy to blend.

Review by shelby1123: HOLY COW is all I can say for the pigmentation of red bean bie. Its a gorgeous burgundy purple colour that actually shows up on your eye, the same colour thats in the pan. I like wearing this with walnut bronze as its really flattering for brown eyes.

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mark Super Mark-It - Vivid/Serene

Review by didion0312: I love these Super Mark-It's, but I don't really like this color. It's darker purple end isn't too bad, but it's more of a magenta-purple than just plain purple. The light end is too light and has too much sparkle for my taste. But I know other people who really like it, so it's really up to you!

Review by vengland: This is the only super mark-it pencil I own so far but it has me wanting more. Dual-ended,chunky,creamy and extremely easy to use on cheeks and lips(cannot get anything creamy to work on my oily lids). Both colors are very pretty. Vivid is the darker color and is a winey berry purple. Serene is a light shimmery pink that works quite well as a highlighter. Great deal for 8.

Review by staci01: I *LOVE* this pencil. These two colors go great as a shadow on me, or as a lipstick (I just top the darker purple color with a clear or light pink gloss and get a great raspberry color).
This packaging is nice because it's easy to apply on the train or while I'm in the car.

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