which is the best eyeliner?3 easy to use eyeliner reviews

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By Christina

which is the best eyeliner?Let's see the 3 easy to use eyeliner reviews!


Revlon High Dimension Eyeliner - Teal Flash

Review by fuxxy: Divine colour. As the others have described, it's a pearly blue-green. Quite bright, but not too pigmented as to be scary. It's a very fun shade. Unfortunately, it only lasts about 5 minutes on my super oily lids. Still, I like the colour, but it's not a great quality pencil.

Review by kitten75: i bought this is a turquise color on clearance on rite aid for 3. teh color is awesome and makes my eyes pop!! iw ould buy it again, but i don't know if they are still making that color.

Review by taskeeng: Love this colour! It's a gorgeous aqua green/teal colour which is really fun and bright. Goes well with my brown eyes and olive complexion.
Application is quite good - smooth, not much tugging. Lasts a faily long time and doesn't smudge much at all.
I bought it for 15AUD and another for my sister.

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Milani Eye Pencil - Green Glamour

Review by pulidobl: I was expecting a deeper, warm emerald green based on the color printed on the end of the pencil, but this medium green tone is still nice. It complements my red-brown eyes and warm honey-toned skin (HHH) nicely. I use it for a pretty pop of color along the outer third of my lid. The formula is smooth and easy to apply without tugging or poking. It also lasts all day on me, but I don't have very oily lids. I would definitely repurchase this, it's worth the 2.49 USD.

Review by runtagua: nice basic eyeliner (creamy and opaque, lasts decent), but looks like hell on my cool PPP skin, brown hair and eyes. bright warm medium green shade, no shimmer.

Review by blueaygi: This is a lovely creamy emerald eye liner. Goes on smoothly and lasts well. No shimmer or glitter, just a basic medium green. Plus it's only a couple of bucks at Walgreens.

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Trish McEvoy Definer in Deep Aubergine

Review by labelslut: This stuff is great! The color is just right. I have light olive skin and green eyes and it really makes my eyes stand out. I was a little hesitant to use it. Never had much luck applying liners with a brush, but the Trish McEvoy eye definer brush made it a breeze. I will never go back to pencils.

Review by leeyao: This is a great color that can be used as a liner with almost any color.

Review by Vaniessa: Unfortunately I really, really like Trish's Eye Definer's. Deep Aubergine is a plummy brown that is very matte. It looks great with almost any eye look and is very versatile. I am a PPP and it works great on me. Everyone should own one. I like to apply mine with a wet lining brush because I get better control while lining.

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