which is the best eyeliner?3 best-selling eyeliner

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By Fiora

which is the best eyeliner?Let's see the 3 best-selling eyeliner !


Hard Candy Eye Glider

Review by taskeeng: I got this eyeliner in several colors on a great sale. I have to say, texture-wise, it's terrific. It slides on easily, it stays on fairly well, and it comes in rather gorgeous, vivid colors. My favorite is Shaggy, which is a bright olive green. Would I buy these if they were not on sale - I am not sure, but I am definitely enjoying them right now. BONUS: There is a little eyeliner brush on the other end of the pencil!

Review by Loriwong: This is a review of the Hard Candy Eye Glider in Hype. I am surprised at how much I like this little eyeliner! I am not normally an eyeliner person, but the color and consistency of this one really work for my brown eyes. The color is a matte silvery taupe. Gray, but with a definite brown warmth that is unique and lovely. It goes on very subtly and sets of my eyes very well. It is also very soft, making it easy to apply without much effort. I do use the little natural bristle brush on the other end of the pencil to blend it after applying the line, and it blends out nicely. This has gone into my everyday makeup bag as a quick and easy item to use!

Review by franjipany: I have underground (the bronze color). I LOVE this stuff. It goes on sooo nice--that's why they call it "glider," ha! I like this color a lot. It's great for going out and not even too showy for work. They are a bit pricey, but I eventually want to get maybe two other colors along with another underground bronze when I use it up. Sharpens very nicely. Caps work well. I never use the smudger on the other end, though, cuz I like the color as it is.

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Lancome Artliner-Iced Carob

Review by srobinb: Ok, I finally got a chance to try the legendary artliners and have to admit, application is super easy with the liquid felt tip marker type pen. Goes on very easily. Iced Carob is a golden brown which i found to be a little too light. I also noticed slight slight smudging after several hours of wear. I would love to try this in a deeper shade but i cant say i would rebuy this one.

Review by Keva: These Artliners are very easy to use. However, I really can't tell if I get enough product on the applicator. Also, the Iced Carob is a little too golden brown for me. I wish I had gotten it in the Brown color. I still need to work on my "steady-hand" application, but the Artliner makes it a lot easier.

Review by dlbd2k06: Another of my staple! Great for light eyes (blue, green or hazel)and fair complexion.The color is light to medium and is truly beautiful for spring or summer because it is a lovely bronzey-brown that is simply outstanding.I purchased 2 tubes already and will repurchase.More suitable for a natural look.

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Milani Eye Pencil - Antique Green

Review by Erin: I just rediscovered the Milani liners this past week, and I like them a lot! Antique green is a subtle, yet pretty, gold-fleck olive green that will complement many eye colors. The pencil liner draws on easily and doesn't smudge...I was worried about the smudging part because the pencil is so soft. Milani is a great and high-quality alternative to more expensive drugstore and high-end brands. In fact, the only other liners I like on the market are Revlon's and Clinique's--Milani is pretty comparable.

Review by blacklittlepig: This is a beautiful olive gold pencil. I like to smudge it under the lower lashline with Urban Decay's Smog on the top lid. It's beautiful!

Review by Lyssa2676: This is a decent e/l. This is a liner I put on when I want some definition, but not the "I'm wearing eye liner!!" look. It's very subtle in my opinion, but pretty. The color is a sheer golden green, almost like a pale olive. I wouldn't wear this for dramatic eyes, but for something that isn't obvious but still there, totally. It's also not a super creamy liner so no worries about smudging here. Plus it's cheaper, can't go wrong. I would consider this the more subtle, sheer version of MAC's Forever Green e/l.

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