which is the best eyeliner?3 best eyeliners reviews

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By Helen

which is the best eyeliner?Let's see the 3 best eyeliners reviews!


Wet 'n' Wild MegaLiner Liquid Eyeliner Dark Brown

Review by dontblink15: I bought this colour (approx. 5CDN at Walmart) because the Black was out of stock. I don't have any liquid liners to compare this one to because I never tried a liquid liner before. I bought this one because of the high ratings on here. And the product is definitely true to the ratings! This liner lasts all day (it isn't waterproof though) and the brush allows for precision but just dab off the excess on the in-sides of the bottle to prevent it from dripping. I've never been able to do the wing with the pencil liners, but this makes it EASY. I love it, I'd definitely repurchase in black or maybe even the same dark brown (I kinda like it).

Review by aguskl: Great colour, dark, but not too obvious like black. It's very pigmented, and stays on all day. The only thing I don't like is that it starts flaking off after a few hours (I have oily eyelids).

Review by shelby1123: I love these eyeliners so much. This takes one coat for it to be VERY opaque and lasts for a long time without flaking or smudging. My only complaint is that it looks pretty much black, but that's my fault for getting the dark brown instead of regular brown. Definitely worth checking out for the 2.99!

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Jordana Color XTend Eyeliner in Black Out

Review by laurilauri: This stuff is awesome. It's just like Revlon's Colorstay: rich inky black, long-lasting, and waterproof. Only this is 99 cents.

Review by ciarar: i usually have the problem of some of my eyeliner appearing on my brow bone but this is the first eyeliner i've used that barely smudges!
my sister bought it for me and i'm so impressed!
must stock up incase i can't find it!

Review by cgosyne: This eyeliner is VERY pigmented and goes on smoothly. I'll give it that. But as for longevity, the eyeliner smeared at the blink of an eye...literally.

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Urban Decay Flipside 24_7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Review by pretty_please: I love this eyeliner. If you are into teal/aqua on your eyes, you really need to try it. It's super pigmented and creamy, and blends super easy but has great staying power. Surprisingly, it has no glitter, which is rare for a UD liner. I find this lasts a really long time on my waterline too, and not all of the 24/7 pencils do that on me. I like to use this in a few different ways. Sometimes I layer the teal color from the Revlon Colorstay Silver Fox palette over this to make it a little more vibrant and long lasting, and do that as a cat eye shape on my upper lid or I put a vibrant purple all over the lid and then use this just along the upper lash line. I also like to put this just in the waterline when I'm wearing neutral colors like MAC's Patine or Brown Smolder from Cover Girl. all in all, this is a great color to have.

Review by fuxxy: I've been waiting for UD to add a teal to the 24/7 family and yay they did! I immediately bought this at work (Ulta) when I saw they were up. Flipside is a gorgeous metallic teal, it's a bright teal shade not like a dark teal like L'oreal hip gel liner. I layer it for more pop. It's beautiful and a must if you love 24/7 liners.

Review by andij: Every spring/summer I bring out the Flipside. This year I bought a new one because I use it on my waterline.
It is THE most gorgeous shade of turqouise blue to put on the waterline and have those princess D eyeballs.
love this product!

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