which is the best eye makeup?3 good eye makeup

By Vicky

which is the best eye makeup?Let's see the 3 good eye makeup !


NARS Pandora Eyeshadow DUO

Review by ciarar: How can something so simple be so wonderful?
The sheerest, most luminous, virginal white with some subtle shimmer contrasted with the deepest, mattest, sootiest black ever ( way blacker than MAC Carbon). It is worth it just for the black alone. There is no more pigmented matte black on the market.
I'm surprised how many looks I can get from this. The colors are so different in texture but layer beautifully together. Obviously this duo lends itself to an Egyptian Gothic look or can also be used to turn any other color in to a smokey eye. But you can do other things with it as well. I'd suggest looking at a book like Kevyn Acouin's and trying out different patterns of light and dark contrast from different eras.

Review by cosmokid: The first thing and the most important thing about this product is the fact that it is very practicle and for me i could use it almost everyday
the black used wet with a liner brush is perfect for lining my outer top lashline.. this is btw the ultimate black! you cant get any blacker than this and if used with a good primer its even more intense!
when i first saw the white i thought it would be a chalkey white eyeshadow but when swatch in store it was veryy sheer.. the complete opposite!
i brought this straight away because i knew it would not go to waste, even though it was expensive it would last me for ages.
the only thing i wish is that the white wasnt so translucent and had a bit more pigmentation. I like to put the white all over my lid and then line my eyes with the black

Review by suze9_8: Very nice staple e/s!! Great for a smoky eye!! Hard to find (imo) the only place I have seen this is either on Ebay or the NARS website.
The black is a little hard to work with because it is sooo black!!
I swapped this one away too fast because I don't wear a smoky eye very much and I don't like things sitting around that I don't use!! Man do I wish I had this back and I may but this again!!

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Jane Colorsticks Eye Color and Liner in Mercury Rising

Review by jenss79: This is an interesting and innovative product. And the color, Mercury Rising, is really pretty and unique. I'm wearing it on my lids today and it is a gorgeous metallic lavender to light purple shade that can be worn sheerly or built up for more intensity. It is a thick pencil that has an extremely rich and creamy texture; its almost gel-like and feels cool to the skin when applying. I'd go back and buy another color in this if there were more available. Looks really pretty just above the lash line on the upper lid.

Review by ahappyplace: Great color and consistency!

Review by taurusgurl5984: I love this eye shadow! I have very pale skin with yellowish-green eyes, and this color looks awesome on me. It's a gorgeous bronzey-purple color.
The pencil applies very creamily, so unlike some other eyeshadow pencils I've tried I don't feel like I'm dragging it over my eyelid - it glides nicely. It has just the right amount of shimmer. I apply it over the lid then lightly all around the eye and I've found the little bit I apply in the inner corner makes my eyes appear farther apart! I've been wearing it almost every day and I am going to stock up to make sure I always have one near (and at this price, how could you not?).

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Chanel Basic Eye Colours - Argents

Review by IiIy: chanel shadows are incredibly expensive but well worth every penny... the pigmentation is gorgeous... and this trio is perfect for smokey eyes....

the only reason why i gave it 4 lippies instead of 5 is because the black shadow really doesnt have much color payoff to it so i dont even use it... other than that... i LOVE the other two... if they had a better black in there this would be the only smokey eye shades youd need

of course... its no longer available for sale... BOOOOOOOO... but if youre creative enough with google you can probably find one somewhere

Review by Cristy1970: Skin tone: MMM (NW25) with black hair and blue eyes. I look better in cool tones.
This is one of my favorite eyeshadow trios b/c I know it will look good no matter what I'm wearing. What I really like is the versatility of the trio: if I want a more grey-ish blue then I can just use the meduim grey color in the crease. But if I want to make the color more of a grey (and take the "blueness" out of it, I blend the black with the graphite (the medium grey) and I have a totally different look!
Also, this trio looks great when paired with the Exaltes trio: put the silver from Argents on your lid, graphite in the crease and then take the lavendar color from the Exaltes and brush that over the silver on your lid.
Would recommend this trio to anyone:)

Review by edie4711: My HG eyeshadows! I've been using these 3-4x a week for 3 years and don't really have a dent in them yet. They are SOOOO versatile and beautiful. They wear perfectly, and really last the whole day.

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