which is the best eye makeup?3 effective eye makeup

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By Helen

which is the best eye makeup?Let's see the 3 effective eye makeup !


Rimmel Eye Twist Automatic Duo Liner & Shadow

Review by Chloeclover: i got this as a bonus in a brown liner and a beige shadow. this is really nice for a day-look !

Review by belladoggie00: i got this product in a gift from a friend for my birthday and i really like it, but i have no idea how much it costs so i not sure if ill get it again since it lasted me a while (after my sister stole for forever and i found it again) i like how the colours complement eachother and glide on.
i have this in...im not even sure it doesnt say but i have it in a deep brown liner and a shimmery taupe/champagne colour which i use as a brow bone highlighter, it looks great on my slightly tan skin.
im pretty sure this product isnt like..dirt cheap, so i wouldn't buy it again. i would like to get the liner in more funky colours though.
actually if the liner came with just the shadow, that'd be nice.

Review by Elixir: I have had this for a couple years, the eye shadow is great to use but the blue eye liner on mine is too dark for me. If i did buy it again it would be in a different color. other then that this is great product to use.

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Juvena Juvena Q10 eye cream

Review by CancerianPrincess: This is my HG eye cream! I had very dark circles under my eyes and after using the sample of this, they are almost completely gone! Yeah!! Off to Sephora I go...

Review by Suzy_h: I love the Active Day cream in the same line and so wanted to use the eye cream because my skin around there was rather dry and I could see the wrinkles forming around my eyes. It really plumped up my skin and kept it moisturized all day long. Even though it's pricey, a little bit really goes a long way.

Review by liselise1: A very rich, yellow, creamy, cream that goes on smoothly, sinks in, and doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes. fragrance-free and just a timy amount does the trick. The sample I'm trying will last at leat a couple more weeks! Pricey at 40 but worth it.

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Prestige Liquid Eyeliner in Black-Brown

Review by pretty_please: This is a dark (almost black) brown eyeliner. It has great staying power, doesn't smudge (unless you purposely smudge it). I have to say I have found this type of applicator the easiest to make a nice line with thin or thick. I also use it another way, besides just doing the basic line. Since it is dark I apply a light line, then let it dry a little, wet my eyeliner brush and wipe it on a towel, then gently smudge the line. This creates a smoky line effect that really looks nice. Doesn't smudge or fade throughout the day.

Review by kimmie578: I forgot I had this and found it in my drawer after trying out eyeliner felt tip pens (which I hated). I am completely inept at applying liquid liner, except with this stuff. It is like an inkwell type package and the brush is kind of like a pointed tiny sponge. After you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy to use and dries quickly. I sometimes think it's easier to do a bunch of dots and connect them than do a quick line, but if you're more experienced with liquid liner, it should be a cinch. The color is a very dark brown, but I still wear it during the day. It lasts all day and comes off so easily with Almay eye makup removers (that usually don't do jack!). If you make a mistake, just swipe an end of a eyemakeup remover pad over the messed up part. Definitely buying again.

Review by pink_cosmos: I really like this eyeliner. It's easy to use and matte. It's really easy to acheive the winged tip look with the applicator. It comes off really easier if there is water, though, so not for a crying day. But otherwise its pretty good.

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