which is the best deodorant?3 top deodorant

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By Marcella

which is the best deodorant?Let's see the 3 top deodorant !


Vichy Deodorant-Antiperspirant 48 hours

Review by sleepyone: In my search of a real anitperspirant, i decided to try a more expensive and, hopefully reliable one. The Vichy 48 hour protection roll-on fullfilled my expectations. For the first time in my life i experienced dry armpits, dry clothing with no residue on it. My HG!

Review by angelchan: I've been buying this product for the last 6 years and never could substitute it with any other products. It simply gives me everything I need. I used to think that my case is hopless before I tried Vichy deodorant-Antiperspirant 48 hours, but now I completely forgot anout having problems at all. The price however is a sort of on expensive side for me, but I always look for double packs.

Review by diachu21: After reading the reviews here and searching every drugstore that according to the Vichy site sold this product, but could not find it anywhere, I ordered it through Amazon, paid 19.....and it does not work at all for me! Awful. Didn't like anything about it. Took forever to dry. Had BO after a few hours. I hate to throw it away after only 2 uses, but since it's a roll-on it seems gross to give it away. Waste of money and time running around to drugstores looking for it!

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Nivea Calm & Care 24h Anti-perspirant Roll-On

Review by SisleyAus: This is my favourite deodorant ever! It lasts all day and it calms my damaged skin after I shave. I love it.

Review by Erin: Overall a good, working product. Nice smell, not too strong. Does the job well. If you like Nivea's deo's, you'll presumably like this one too.

Review by kit_kat68: Nice product but I'm not too fond of the smell. It does last though, it doesn't irritate my skin and doesn't leave white marks on clothes.

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Avon Perfumed Liquid Deodorant

Review by kimby83: One of the best deodorants out there. Avon keeps wanting to discontinue it, but they can't get rid of it. It always comes back due to popular demand. Someone in the company needs to take a decision, change the bottle and make it part of the recular collection of deodorants. It's as if they're not listening to the demands of customers. The fragrance is not high end but it's not overpowering, keeps you dry (except on very hot/humid days) and dosen't stain clothes. Inexpensive, it lasts forever. Avon keeps launching new products that end up being discontinued 6 mo later. This one has bene around forever and it's popularity dosen't fade. Clearly, they're not listening.

Review by Cordelia: My staple. Every other deoderant never lasts as long as this one and I've tried most.I use the one in the orange or the deep red bottle as they smell the best.
I stopped using this and I have no clue why. I will be rebuying it as I used to love the smell of the orange bottled version.

Review by cweiss: Original scent.
This is something I have always liked.I used to really love the lilac scent but you can't get that anymore.
It is a liquid deodorant.But I prefer to use a little as a perfume.I don't think a liquid DO would be enough most of the time.But it does work nice if you are going out for a special occasion and dont want to have any white flakes.
Has a clean fresh scent.
A little goes a long way.

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