which is the best clothes?3 best clothes

By Christina

which is the best clothes?Let's see the 3 best clothes !


Victoria's Secret IPEX Wireless Bra

Review by nechama22: Maybe you have to have young, perky boobs to have luck with this one. Though I was fitted for it and it was recommended by the sales lady at VS, about two weeks after I bought these, I noticed that my boobs were constantly falling out towards the middle of them. Since I had purchased 4 for them, I went back to VS to see if they could remedy the problem, and the new sales lady said "Oh, they are cut too low down the center for you....you need the IPEX full-coverage bra!" Well, thank you, Victoria's Secret, but I'm not a bra expert, which is why I went to you in the first place. I'm too jaded to spend any more of my hard-earned money on their "expert" opinions. I thought the bra wore very poorly, since it fit fine at first, and stretched out so quickly.

Review by OutofControl: The reason I said I would not buy this again is I'd rather have the wire version. I like this, it is comfortable but I prefer the coverage and support of a wire. I am a 32D so I can only buy it online. There are a lot more sizes online than the stores.

Review by kerroppifreak: This is one of my favorite bras no wire bras by VS. Soft fabric feel. I got it on sale last summer. Great stuff.

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Roxy All clothing

Review by scrapdoll: I love roxy clothes! the price is a bit expensive, but worth it I think. You can find cute pieces that dont have the logo all over (although i dont mind it), and their clothes last awhile, good quality, fit well, fun, and young. :) their bathing suits are great!! i have one I bought on clearance, it is by far my most favorite becasue it doesnt slip up, stays in place, lasts a long time, doesn't wear or lose it's shape. it's great!! def will be looking for another come next summer! otherwise, their clothes are great for yr. round, especially their winterwear for skiing/snowboarding!

Review by mulhollanddrive: I like Roxy. Cute stuff and not a huge strain on the checkbook. The stuff is good quality and trendy without being over the top. Nice brand to check out if you havent done so already.

Review by iberian: Great clothing to spend on if you plan to work at minimum wage jobs all your life.

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Victoria's Secret Miraculous bra

Review by AutumnBliss: This bra is absolutely ridiculous. I used to wear one, in fact, I had two. Yes, it increases your bust size and gives you great cleavage, but it's just so FAKE!! They made my boobs look all weird and pointy. You haven't felt a padded bra until you feel this one... there's hardly any room for your boobs 'cause it's so dang padded! I would reccomend this bra for if you are wearing a very loose fitting v-neck that you wanted to add some shape and cleavage to, but I would never wear this with anything tight. If you still would like to purchase one, please try it on so you can see how it looks on you personally. Of course, just because it didn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for others. Happy shopping!

Review by sjcsmall: absolutely amazing bra. I cannot WAIT for April 1st to cash in these Secret Rewards bra because I will be buying 2-3 more lol! Seriously, this is worth every penny (although I gave it a 4 for pricing because it's still freaking 50 for a dang bra!) but I will give it again...and again...and again in hot pink ;)

**update...I know own the miraculous tank and bikini. WOW is all I have to say

Review by kat_25: Okay, so, yes it does what it says- it pushes up and adds 2 cup sizes.
BUT. Unless you're like really skinny, it's going to make you look like you have fat boobs. And I'm not fat and I don't have fat boobs- I weigh between 115-120 and I'm 5'5, so I was just like EW. I would not recommend wearing with spaghetti strap tank tops/dresses or anything like that, I think the only time I'd wear it would be with maybe lower cut t-shirts or dresses that have sleeves. Also, it just doesn't look natural- it looks like you're wearing a padded bra, it does not look like normal boobs.
So overall, it's just eh...it's not worth spending all that money on, it was the weirdest bra I ever tried on.

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