which is the best bronzers?3 top bronzers

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By Sara

which is the best bronzers?Let's see the 3 top bronzers !


GOSH Giant Sun Powder

Review by oneofmylies99: I got this as a gift (and many other GOSH products). I LOVE how big it is! I am very fair so its a little overwhelming on my skin, but I can see how it could work really well for someone who tans, especially with its nice subtle shimmer. My sister tans and she almost stole it from me!
Very nice sheen, I use it everyday just for the pretty mirror, if I look particularly lifeless I put a little on and its nice.

Review by Jaie: I was walking through the store and a sudden light catches my eye, it was this bronzer sparkling. When i saw it i just was like : My god! that has to be good ! I tried it and me face was glowing afterwards! True: maybe not the most bronzing bronzer but you don't want to look to fake right? Gives you the perfect sunkissed look. I haven't bought it yet but i'm gonna

Review by gogoamy: I love this bronzer!! It offer subtle yet beautiful color, not orange at all. The only time you can truly see the color is when the sun hits the area you've applied. I paid 25 CDN for this HUGE round "compact" at Shopper's Drug Mart. I'm sure I'll have it for the rest of my life.

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Mary Kate and Ashley Illuminating Bronzing Powder

Review by tambien: this is a great bronzer, my mom acutally turned me on to it...its a nice, matte powder with no silly sparkles...a little goes a long way for me and requires thorough blending, but that should go for any bronzer, i use it on my cheeks over blush, and a little on the bridge of my nose and forhead - i love it, definitely a repurchase...it's super cheap!
EDIT: i stopped using this because it started getting really difficult to pick up any product on my brush which ended up making me overcompensate and apply too much...it just sort of hardened up on me which was a bummer because i really liked this bronzer.

Review by lizbert: I like this bronzer. I felt weird buying this brand because I'm 37 years old, but hey. I am using it to contour under my cheekbones and downplay the baby fat on my chin. It looks good and natural.

Review by CancerianPrincess: I'm another adult (40 years old) who loves this product. The price is unbelievably inexpensive. I like this better than any high end bronzer I've tried. I have fair skin and this product really works for me. It gives me a soft amber glow without turning orange or red. The powder itself is soft in texture and blends in perfectly (never a harsh streak). However, I wish it came with a better brush. I will purchase again.

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Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzing Powder

Review by Lola_Bear: I saw this in Sephora and HAD to have it! I am obsessed with leopard print and come on, the packaging is ADORABLE! I am very pale and this product shows up very shimmery and pink on my skin. I use it as a blush or highlight every day! I love it! It is probably my favorite makeup product of the moment! This product does not break me out, and has great staying power over primer.

Review by mashafromrussia: It's not really a bronzer it's more like a sparkly beige sheer powder. It didn't make me look glowy it just made me look like I was wearing sparkles allover my face. I tried it as blush and didn't love it either. I don't know I guess it just looks too cute to really say I hated it but I def didn't fall in love with it at all. I regret buying it. It has that fake silvery glitter in it that looks unflattering. It's not a fine shimmer that makes you look glowy.

Review by aznbebebabe: I got this in my Sephora summer essentials kit, and I love it!!! I am about as pale as it gets...and this is a beautiful and flattering light bronzer that I use it as a blush without looking like I have dirt on my face. Gorgeous! Probably wouldn't re-purchase, but I will certainly use this all up!

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