which is the best bronzers?3 effective bronzerss

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By Vicky

which is the best bronzers?Let's see the 3 effective bronzerss !


Black Radiance Mosaic Bronzer in Golden Shimmer #3512

Review by CancerianPrincess: I wanted to love this because I love their lip glosses, but it just doesn't show up on me, after using this once, the shimmer was gone, though I could use it to highlight...WRONG...wouldn't buy again

Review by tippygirl: I have this in Illuminating Shimmer, which are four very beautiful, light, pink-based tones.
I do have to apply quite a bit of this to get any color on my quite pale skin - I imagine it would look beautiful on a woman with dark skin.
Very shimmery, and I use it as a hightlighter, mostly. Beautiful colors.

Review by AutumnBliss: My PF bronzer in Sunset Strip broke into a million pieces, so I was on the hunt for a replacement. This definitely caught my eye...it has the same main colors as the PF one, but it costs about half the price. I decided to take it home and try it out. The colors are a beautiful, glowy bronze with the right amount of shimmer and good lasting power. The packaging is really flimsy...even for a d/s product, but I am pleased with the product inside.

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New York Color Blushing Bronze Creme Stick

Review by meeshmu: This is a great pruchase for summer! I couldn't resist the cute packaging for the pricetag of 2.99. It is a bit shimmery, making it hard to wear for daytime, but I am sure it's all in how heavy a hand you use in application. The color applies beautifully and fairly sheer. It's a great complexion booster and easy to use without that heavy make-up feeling. Great buy!

Review by zhenya: I saw this at CVS as part of a limited-edition summer collection display. At 2.99, I couldn't help picking one up...and I'm not disappointed that I did! This creme bronzer comes in a little twist-up stick, just like the Stila color push-up things. The color and texture of this creme bronzer is VERY similar to my NARS South Beach Multiple. I swiped both of them on the back of my hand, and there's no notable difference between the two. Cute packaging, nice product, and dirt cheap - I'm pleased!

Review by Susie31: This is a really great deal, cute Stila-like packaging and sheer, wearable, shimmery bronze coloring. The formula glides on smooth. Bonus, it's portable and it's only 2.99.

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MAC Bronzing Powder

Review by Capprii: It's okay. It would be perfect if it had no shimmer. The color is good. Wasn't orange or red or fake looking, but I don't like shimmer. I got talked into buying it. The girl told me that you can't even see the shimmer once it's applied, but you can. At least on my skin you can. I have large pores so shimmer is a no, plus nobody has skin that glitters or shimmers when they tan. It just doesn't look natural at all. It's hard to duplicate the natural glow that a person gets when they get a real tan, and adding glitter or shimmer to a product just looks fake.

Review by amystar: I have Platinum Bronze (asian exclusive) in Summersoft, with spf. My first bronzer, so i didn't really know what to expect of it. Put it on today before I went out, but didn't really see much of a difference. When I got home I put on more on one side of my face and looked in the mirror- the difference was astounding. My right side with the bronzer on was glowing like it was illuminated within, and in contrast my left side was dull and lifeless. It looks like shimmery beige in the pan but it's perfect for my almost white skin and the shimmer's not obvious, it just lets your skin reflect light better. Packaging was okay. The SPF was a plus since I have to contend daily with the Singapore sun.

Review by bastet: I tried this bronzer in 'bronze.' Since I have relatively fair skin it looked like I had dirt on my face. So instead I bought this in 'golden.' I absolutely love it!!! It gives my skin a natural looking glow. Definitely will repurchase this product :)

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