which is the best body skin care?3 recommended body skin cares

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By Elena

which is the best body skin care?Let's see the 3 recommended body skin cares !


Caswell-Massey Almond Cold cream soap

Review by cyndiinphilly: This soap is really moisturizing! i love sweet almond and this has a very subtle non-obtrusive scent. and its moisturizing! i had to repeat cause im still amazed how soft my skin feels after using it. One of the great soaps, and triple-milled, so it uses up very slowly. expensive but more than lives up to the hype

Review by sjcsmall: This is a very creamy, rich, full lather soap. I use it on my face only and it feel moist and soft. The scent is very subtle as others mention, but it is very long lasting and a joy to use. Will continue to repurchase.

Review by Bonnie2842: This is such great soap - very dense and makes creamy rich lather. I love the oval shape, the generous size and the light almond scent which I wish were stronger. My husband likes this soap too as it isn't girly. I am old fashioned in that I don't like shower gel liquid type soap - I want a good honest bar of high quality soap and a washcloth. There is no comparison using this and a bar of Dial or Dove or Camay. This is worth the price and lasts a long time.

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Aubrey Organics 100 Aloe Vera Gel

Review by pulidobl: If you don't have an aloe plant this is the next best thing. This is aloe with no 'cones or fillers- just a tiny amount of natural preservatives. I use this as a toner after washing my face- it seems to calm any redness and adds a tiny bit of moisture (my skin is oily). I keep it in the fridge and it feels heavenly in the summer.

Review by vengland: Liquid took me by suprise, but it was a nice one. Absorbs quickly and very light and refreshing (since you leave it in the fridge). My skin feels moisturized and not shiny, love that! Plus my mineral make up goes on smoothly, no need for primer. Great for summer, don't know if this will be enough for winter time, we will see, it's always warm in SoCal, so who knows.

Review by Alexis: I have acne-prone, dry, and sensitive skin. I did a test spot on my forehead and didn't get a reaction, but I used it on my whole body after showering, and I broke out in itchy hives on my arms. I'm itching as I'm writing this review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion with Aloe and Vitamin E

Review by Stampy_76: This would be a good moisturizer for people who don't have dry skin. I have kinda dry skin and it wasn't quite enough. Pretty good as an all over lotion if you hate greasy lotions.

Review by lorraine07: This is so cheap and has a subtle gentle scent. A nice light lotion

Review by taskeeng: Ok, so possible TMI coming up, but I tend to get a really dry backside (especially at the hips where my jeans hit) after the shower. But I don't want a really thick lotion back there (like the Aveeno that I use everywhere else), because what happens if it's hot outside, and then the lotion goes all slimy and then you've got an awkward problem in your pants. Also awkward is itchy completely-non-reachable-in-public-ew skin. So I put this on after the shower, and since it's a light almost watery moisturizer (you can feel it almost "liquify" when you rub your hands together) it sinks in quickly to get rid of the dryness, but it doesn't sit on your skin and get all greasy. Even in the winter, it was just what I needed to get rid of that pesky little problem.

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