which is the best body lotion?3 recommended body lotions

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which is the best body lotion?Let's see the 3 recommended body lotions !


Avon Skin So Soft Age-Defying Hand Cream

Review by pretty_please: I keep this hand cream at work and LOVE it. You can actually see the difference in your hands after using it. My hands look so much smoother! I would definitely recommend.

Review by kitten75: Extremely moisturizing. This hand cream is a thirst quencher for my dry hands and cuticles. Consistency is thick and I don't mind the greasiness, it goes away pretty quick. Makes my nail polish super shiny too! I usually buy this in bunches when Avon has it on sale. I keep them everywhere! I keep one in my desk at home and work, by the kitchen sink, my car and in my purse. I'm not too crazy about the smell, I don't like it very much but it disappears very quick.

Review by Viognier: This has made my hands look younger, I apply it every night while I am in bed.It has faded my age spots on my hands. My husband always comments on the lovely scent of this cream its like violets! Now they are coming out with a body wash, chest cream and lotion in this which I ordered because my husband loves the aroma!

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Bath and Body Works ile de tahiti Fei Banana Body Butter

Review by leeyao: I Loooove this product!! Byfar one of the best bodybutters I have ever used. The banana scent is perfect...not like fake candy banana at all. It is a more "reserved" banana scent...just perfect is all I can say. And the consistency of the butter is great..not greasy. I really hope they bring this back next summer.

Review by sophie_tan: FABULOUS! Why didn't they re release this product this year?! The consistency is awesome, and the smell is wonderful. As a previous reviewer said, it is not a fake banana scent. It is a yummy true banana scent, with a hint of floral or something tropic. Orchid something perhaps? I am by no means someone who enjoys florals, but this is wonderful. Love the edt, too. I have two from a previous sale when they discounted the scent. One of my absolute favorite warm weather scents!

Review by edie4711: My favorite out of the Tahiti line! I love this product so much. I've tried getting it on Ebay, and people want 60 + for it. :[ My favorite things are always discontinued.

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Biotherm Biosenses Body Balm

Review by SisleyAus: I love this!! I'm very familiar with Biotherm products since I use them on a daily basis. I love this moisturizer! It has a wonderful orange-y smell, and it feels amazing on the skin. It's a good consistency, and it blends well into the skin. For about 42 CAD, it's not a bad price, but I don't like the packaging. I would much rather it be in a tube. Oh well, I still love it. I will repurchase.

Review by Bethany09: I love this product because i have dryish skin because i would be in the sun playing sport a lot and i wasn't in a routine of applying moisturiser but then i came across this product and everyday i want to apply it because of the wonderful scent that it has. I still haven't finished my first jar because it has so much product in it. The price is quite expensive but if you look around there will be some low prices. It's really moisturising and doesn't leave my skin oily or greasy. As the other reviews say, it is a balm not a butter so it isn't as thick as a butter would be. Great product would definitely buy again.

Review by bastet: Biosenses Body Balm - awakening your senses. Comes in 200ml tub for 49, to expensive for my liking (the price really just put me off). i love the smell, it has essensial oil of citrus (oranges and grapefruit) and mineral. Unlike other lotions or cream you dont need much cause its a BALM. and its really non greasy but moisturising at the same time. Great product, but i'd just hope someone buy me this instead.

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