which is the best body lotion?3 popular body lotion reviews

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By Sara

which is the best body lotion?Let's see the 3 popular body lotion reviews!


Origins Ginger Body Gloss

Review by Susie31: Hey guys!! For all of those "light face oil jojoba freaks" out there- this oil is nothing but jojoba oil and essential oils that compose the classic Origins Ginger smell--- bergamont, coriander, ginger,lime, orange..... Aaggggh I digress. You can use this oil on face, hair, nails and body!! I find the price very economical given the ease of use and multiple applicability.
PS I am sensitive oily/combo acne prone 30 year old skin!!!

Review by Pinki: I paid 18 for this. What a waste. The formula is nice (non-greasy but moisturizing, good for summer) but I bought it for the scent. The scent lasts for no more than 20 minutes. Buy an unscented dry oil spray and save yourself 15.

Review by rebec75: I bought this primarily for the scent. I love scented body oils to impart a lovely sheen on my skin. It's moisturzing and I love using this in the warmer months right after I come out of the shower. Refreshing.

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Johnson & Johnson Softlotion 24 Hour Moisture

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: Not that impressed. I didn't think it moisturized much at all, but I guess it doesn't really matter, because the PUTRID SMELL would put me off of it even if it performed great. Seriously, this stuff smells like old-lady perfume and gave me a headached a somewhat mauseous feeling until it wore off. Granted, it did wear off after 30 minutes, but there are so many other great lotions out there that I'm not goin to waste my time on this one anymore.

Review by fitnessa: I used this lotion all through college (just graduated, so it wasn't that long ago). It has the lightest scent that's really girly and calming when put on before bed. As a matter of fact, I need to go pick some of this up again. Very moisturizing, but not for those with dry skin and it doesn't have a greasy feel. At just 3.58 for 8 ounces the price isn't bad.
**UPDATE** 11/19/10
I have been spoiled by Jergens Ultra Healing. This makes my skin feel scratchy now. Like it isn't moisturized. Maybe I'll try it again in the summer.

Review by Lyssa2676: I bought this on a whim, and man, I am glad I did. Everything about this lotion is fabulous. It smells amazing sort of like a raspberry scent and it moisturizes great. I find myself putting it on before I go to bed around my neck and declotte area just to smell it. It is a nice thick (but not heavy) consistancy that absorbs fast. I would definately repurchase once I finish, and I do plan on finishing this one, I rarely finish a product. This is a keeper!!

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Unlisted Brand AmLactin 12

Review by hersheyb: I prefer Vaseline Healthy Body Complexion. This stuff feels like past-due tanning lotion to me: runny, tacky, smelly, and doesn't sink into your skin. Everything is sticking to me. Also: expensive.

I'm recanting because it is in fact excellent on KP. Just have to use it at night, as I still feel like I've rubbed something unmentionable all over my body. At least my skin is very smooth when I wake up.

Review by ooliedonna: The absolute BEST lotion I have ever tried. This makes my skin smooth and soft and is even helping to get rid of some of the sun damage on my arms from tanning in my teens. I just love it and can only say, try it you will NOT be sorry. I now buy the larger bottle at drugstoredotcom

Review by Alexis: Got rid of the bumps on the backs of my thighs. Worth it.

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