which is the best body lotion?3 effective body lotions review

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By Vicky

which is the best body lotion?Let's see the 3 effective body lotions review!


Korres Mint Tea Body Milk

Review by beckibabe: too bad it's so pricey, cuz i'm loving this! perfect light scent for summer, not overpowering or heavy.

Review by shimmering: Okay, I love this stuff, its great and wonderful smelling and ah! I just love it, but I also am big on natural products, no parabens and all that, It kills me, but I don't see how they can call this lotion "Natural" because its full of chemicals! (tear!) So I'm going to use it all up and enjoy it but I can't buy it again because I really think chemicals are bad for your body!

Review by edie4711: My favorite body lotion ever! smells great, feels clean and NOT sticky what so ever. i wear it under scents all the time without interference. it makes me incredibly soft.

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Sephora Apple Pomegranate Dry Oil

Review by cosmokid: I use this after every shower during the winter and it does a good job. I'd like it if it was a little heavier but it absorbs really well. I was worried the scent would be too strong for me but it's not and it fades quickly.

Review by Keva: Smells just like apples, I didn't detect any pomegranate smell with this. This is basically just a light oil you spritz on instead of lotion. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave you feeling greasy. It's not the most moisturizing, so if you have dry skin and need a lot of moisture might not be the best fit for you. I hate slathering on lotion after the shower (I'm lazy), so for me these are fabulous.
Note that these on clearance on the Sephora site, I have a feeling they are discontinuing these, which is a shame.

Review by blueaygi: i love this stuff! i use it in my hair when it needs a moisture boost (after washing and before blow drying) after i shave my legs and after a shower....it even helped my eczema last winter...i shouldve purchased more than i did when they were on clearance =[

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Badger Evolving Body Balm

Review by dastac: I would give this 10 lippies if I could. This balm has replaced my entire skincare. I use this as a daytime moisturizer and a night time treatment. It balances my skin in every possible way. Olive Oil nourishes and moisturizes. The natural Vitamin E fights pre-mature aging. Rose Oil is rich in fatty acids which boost the skin's metabolism and help fight skin problems such as eczema or psoriarsis. An increased skin metabolism means an increased micro-vessel blood flow, which in turn means a healthy complexion and detoxification of the skin, which eg fights milia). This is the scientific bit. Other than those effects, my skin feels heavenly smooth, plumped from within. It is baby soft thours after I have applied it and the smell is quite nice as well. Don't want to ever miss this again. For reference I have sensitive skin with an oily t-zone.

Review by sleepyone: I like Badger balms in general, but this is my absolute favorite. I adore the scent and it can really be used anywhere on the body. I don't normally like strong scents on my face, but I sometimes rub this under my nose just so I can smell it!

I've been using this around my eyes for the past few months, and I don't think I'll ever go back to a traditional eye cream. It never stings or burns my eyes and leaves the skin so soft and smooth. A tiny bit of this in the morning under my eyes and around my nose makes my concealer slide on like a dream, and it actually stays on, which you wouldn't think with such an oily product. I also like to use it on my cheeks when they seem dry and I've noticed a huge difference this winter.

Review by OutofControl: Just last week my hands were a rough, cracky mess because they were so dry. Within days the open cracks scabbed over and healed up, and now my hands, though still a little dry, look human again. I've tried a myriad of moisturizers, and only a couple of hand creams can match or better this. What makes the evolving body balm so awesome is that I can use it on my face at night. It's also suitable as a glossy lip balm, a gloss all over, under-eye cream, general moisturizer for dry patches. it smells gorgeous and the tin is charmingly pretty. The only down side is it's a little pricey and can be a little hard to find.

Definitely a desert island item.

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