which is the best body lotion?3 effective body lotion reviews

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By Christina

which is the best body lotion?Let's see the 3 effective body lotion reviews!


Suave Skin Firming Lotion

Review by Newme: i LOVE this lotion!! it made my bumpy, dry skin feel SO soft and smooth! and it smells nice too.

Review by Capprii: I'm going to have to be the dissenter here--nothing terribly wrong with this product, but like all the Suave moisturizers I've tried it was thin, didn't absorb quickly, and left me feeling dry and itchy by the end of the day. It does seem to firm somewhat, but I expected more after the reviews here. I'll stick with Jergens or Vaseline.
Edit: I tried it again, sucked in by the price, and I like it better this time...I have no idea whether the formula changed or I did, but I added a couple of lippies. =D

Review by runtagua: i only bought this product because it was cheap and i liked the way it smelled and i needed some lotion. works good for a lotion, but does nothing to firm or help cellulite.

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Johnson & Johnson Softlotion - Calming Lotion

Review by Chloeclover: While this is not my favorite scent in the world, it's perfect for right before bedtime because it has Lavendar, a natural sleeping herb. This is a very rich lotion that soaks into my skin surprisingly quickly and with no greasy after feel. It is my new bedtime routine staple!

Review by kimmie578: I usually have little use for products like this because I live in a tropical zone and have had bad experiences with greasy lotions touted to help moisturise skin. I got a free 100ml bottle of this from a friend though, and a stint in a cold climate had me reaching for it before bedtime. It does have a comforting sweet scent that is just right and not too cloying!

My skin doesn't adjust well to sudden climate changes I usually get dry itchy patches...this helped somewhat to stop my skin from drying up too much (I apply it before bedtime, then I wake up in the night to do a second application). I still got a dry patch on one hip, but I imagine it could have been much worst without the calming lotion!

Review by sophie_tan: I think this is one of the new lotions of Johnson's softlotions (there are the extracare, lightcare, 24-hour moisture lotions all in the new packaging, and I'm guessing that the Calming Lotion may be the updated version of the Bedtime Lotion). It's said to be enriched with natural lipids as well as lavender and chamomile and moisturizes all night long. The texture is perfect, very rich but is not heavy or greasy, highly moisturizing and sinks in fast, leaves the skin soft and smooth. What's interesting is that I normally don't like the scent of lavender but I think this lotion smells lovely (probably because it's not a pure lavender scent). It has a clean floral scent which is very calming with a hint of lavender. The scent also lasts on the body for a relatively long time comparing to other body lotions. Adds a divine smell to my pajamas too. Definitely one of my favorite body lotions.

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Bath and Body Works Tutti Dolci- Pineapple Chiffon Body Souffle

Review by minnielouse: For all of you who were looking for an alternative to the discontinued Iced Pineapple, this is it! This is a rich cream that makes me feel and smell like a summer day! A perfect pick me up for crappy weather. The only thing I'm not nuts about is how heavy the jar is and that it's a scoop out. I prefer bottles. However, this is what I've been waiting for!

Review by munchlaxy: The pineapple scent is so nice! I love fruity scents and things that smell 'summery'. The souffle also doesn't give you that greasy feeling I sometimes get after putting on lotion. The jar is cumbersome but it's also kinda cool, a novelty sorta.

Review by bekkbekk1985: I really like the quality of this lotion. I prefer the Souffle over the regular lotion. I love all the Tutti Dolci stuff. The Pineapple Chiffon scent has a slight chemical smell but I got used to it, it might just be the tangy smell of the pineapples not sure yet.

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