which is the best body lotion?3 best body lotions

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which is the best body lotion?Let's see the 3 best body lotions !


Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Hand Therapy

Review by almighty_curv: Fantastic hand cream!!! This is so wonderful I will definately buy it again and I am one of those people that tries something new everytime another is empty. This not only smells lovely and subtle but sinks into the skin so well you can visibly see the benefits the very next day. You only need a small amount for perfectly smooth, hydrated and rose-scented hands. Definately give this one a go!!!

Review by joheinous: This is an average hand cream for me and isn't quite enough for the winter months. If, however, you live in a more humid climate or want something during the summer, try this out. It does absorb pretty quickly--not right away, of course, but fast enough so that you don't have to sit there doing nothing while you wait for the cream to sink in.

Review by Viognier: Great hand cream that really moisturizes my easily-dried out hands and I love the thick white cream texture.
However the scent is too strong for me, as with the La Source one.
This one smells like roses which is nice, but feels a little old-fashioned so I only use this during night-time.
I selected "no" to whether or not I will buy this product again because I'm going to try to find something with a more mild scent or unscented.

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Simplyscents coconut cream pie

Review by nemomemo: This is heaven in a jar! Absolutely dead on as far as the scent goes...not even a tiny bit plastic or artificial smelling. I normally don't care for Coconut scents but this one is so sweet and warm at the same time that I couldn't help but love it. I have this in the Shea Cream which is my favorite formulation ever! It looks and feels like Cool Whip topping. A definite winnwr!

Review by i_darling: This is so true to name, is super sweet, foody coconut and cream. Also, this is STRONG, so I only reccommend to those who want it to linger!

Review by Jennybear: I have this in the Whipped Cream and I just adore it. First of all, the Whipped Cream is thick but extremely fluffy at the same time. Mary overfills the jars nicely, so the cream is really packed in. The coconut scent is perfect, lightly nutty and creamy. It?s strong enough for me to keep catching a light scent of it all day, but not so strong that coworkers are searching for the baked goods in my office (which has definitely happened, especially with CS Sugar Cookies). Anyway, the scent lingers long enough that when I go to sleep, I can still smell it on my arms as I drift off. hmmmm....I LOVE this one.

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Dove Regenerating Night Lotion

Review by guitarzan: I absolutley love this lotion! I would recommend it to anyone, even my boyfriend likes to use it at night. This lotion absorbs quickly when you apply it so right away you dont see any results, but after a good nights sleep I woke up to silky soft radiant skin. By using this at night and using a little body oil during the day, my skin is silky soft 24/7.. The packaging I think is beautifal, and also the lotion smells very relaxing as well, as in another review, Im giving this as a gift!

Review by Vaniessa: This lotion contains honey and micro-pearls of shea butter so it is moisturizing, but I haven't noticed any great benefits over other lotions. It absorbs fast and doesn't leave the skin sticky feeling. I wish this smelled like the body wash which has a great scent.

Review by omegakitty: This product was kinda average for me. I bought it to use after showering, thinking that since it's a night lotion it'd be more moisturizing. The moisture *does* last long but I'm not sure if it's enough for my skin in the winter. It's done a decent job, but there have been a few times where my legs have been itchy from lack of moisture. I like the soothing scent. I've been very impressed with Dove's new body lotions, but I think that just the regular Nourishing body lotion does more for me than this (plus I like the smell of it better).

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