which is the best body gel?3 easy to use body gels

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By Christina

which is the best body gel?Let's see the 3 easy to use body gels !


Dove Skin Conditioning Body Wash - Sensitive Skin

Review by misswillow: I got this as a sensitive skin package from Dove (4.99 and I got about four products and some samples!) and I tried this a few days ago and it really moisturizes my skin to the point where its really soft but not at all greasy or filmy.

Review by mz654: Use this everyday for my very sensitive skin, no hives, no bumps, no dryness. Staple product.

Review by pretty_please: In a nutshell: I like this body wash, it never irritates my skin, does not overdry, and just gently cleans without stripping. It is an unscented NOT a fragrance free product.....but to my nose it does have a faint classic Dove scent. Unoffensive and not a not a problem for my skin or nose but others may not like.

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Dove Unscented Body Wash

Review by Jessimau: I don't like the scent of the regular dove bodywash. I wish it smelled like the bar soap. Anyways, this does have a scent, it's very light and soft. Leaves me soft, and it's inexpensive.

Review by Bonnie2842: This is way too thick. Even on a net sponge it is too thick to disperse through the sponge well. It also contains a masking scent which I think I find more offensive than if they would have left it out. It does leave my skin feeling non-itchy and soft but this product is not any better than comparative shower creams at the drugstore. Will not rebuy.

Review by cyndiinphilly: A great body wash for a very good price. I love the unscented when I am getting ready to apply my fragrance. This is very moisturizing and makes skin very soft. I always have this on hand, for those times when my skin feels exceptionally dry.

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Olay Winter Retreat Vanilla Indulgence Body Wash

Review by Cygentte3: This is a great body wash! It's got a nice, light vanilla scent and is super creamy and rich. It's in a huge bottle but already I'm sad that it's LE and I won't be able to re purchase!

Review by mworley00: I think Olay brand is terrific; I love all their products and this is no exception. Great smell and no scaley skin this winter bc of this! Creamy and wonderful soft vanilla smell. I would buy again.

Review by minnielouse: I have stock piled these for the winter, I buy them at every store I go in that sells them. Wonderful for people with dry skin, especially if you are like me and get flakey in the winter! The smell is really great, not too strong, not too soft. Price can't be beat for this type of quality. Trust me, these beat the high end body washes by a mile!

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