which is the best body gel?3 easy to use body gel

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By Helen

which is the best body gel?Let's see the 3 easy to use body gel !


The Body Shop mango peach shower gel

Review by Suzy_h: Mine says mango only. Its quite an average shower gel. The smell was nice but didn't last. I believe there's better ones out there. :)

Review by ZoSo: Pretty strong, juicy mango scent. Lathers up well. Has lasted quite a long time. I'd definitely buy it again but would like to try other scents in the line first.

Review by leeyao: quite nice =] got a small bottle as a gift from my friends. smells divine! ahhh veryvery nice. and a dream to apply; makes bathtime an experience =] my only gripe is that the cap is hard to open and the soap isnt very sudsy, and a bit hard to rinse off. but im willing to overlook all that because it smells amazinggg! woo! haha.. wouldn't go out of my way to buy it, but its nice to have around. =D

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LUSH The Joy of Jelly

Review by ciarar: This is my first jelly soap and I love how fun it is. a little really goes a long way. If I'm I'm using a mesh pouf I use a thumbnail size pinch of it per shower and it's enough to get me clean and very lightly fragranced. Joy of Jelly has a musk and jasmine scent. I don't know if I would call it sexy (it's the same scent as Sexxx Bomb) but it's a more sophisticated scent. I like the jellies over the soaps because I find them less drying and less expensive because they're much lighter (and sold by weight.) I have to put this away in the colder months because I need more moisture, but it conveniently will keep for 14 months so I can use it once it gets warm again.

Review by aguskl: This stuff is a little overpriced but so worth it! It smells great (tiger lily, jasmine, and ylang ylang) and is fun to use. A little goes a long way, so it lasts awhile. I wish it came in a better container, but I don't know what LUSH could use to package this weird goo. :-)

Review by fuxxy: I was not sure about shower jellies-I liked the concept, but I was not sure if I'd like it when I tried it. Well, I did like it-gorgeous smell (musky and girly, and stays on the skin after showering), awesome purple color, makes a ton of bubbles. Seemed like the piece I got would not last me a very long time, but actually, you only need a small pinch to make a lot of lather, which is why it lasted forever.

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St. Ives Fresh20 Moisturizing Body Wash

Review by bunnyrabbit: I was at big lot's and I saw this for 1.99 so I bought two of them, one for me and another for my boyfriend. It smells really fresh and clean.

Review by OutofControl: Like the Olay ribbons, but a little cheaper. I can even use it to shave. Great for winter skin and you only need a little bit. Smells clean and light, not too perfumey, so guys will use it too. Good stuff!

Review by dastac: I have to use just a little bit (dime-size drop) to get a whole lot of lather. It rinses clean and the smell isn't great but I don't mind it and it doesn't linger. The tiny blue beads do nothing for me. However, I will repurchase.

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