which is the best blush?3 top blushs compare

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By Christina

which is the best blush?Let's see the 3 top blushs compare!



Review by lbarnold: I've become pretty enamored with these blushes and I've got a list of them I want to try. I started out with Deep Throat, which is a very pretty color, but it's a bit too pink for me. I'm now using Orgasm and the peach suits me much better. Of course, I'll still have to try several of the other shades :-) . The price is high, as is the case for all NARS products, but it also seems like the blushes last awhile. And the texture is so silky! I'm a convert.

Review by labelslut: Pros: - it's last long. It can stay or day.
- the colors Nars offers are quite lovely, fashionable. Most of them contain loads of shimmer.
- When applying on you cheek, it doesn't look chalky at all
Cons: - it doesn't have a blush applicator in the package .
- some colors are too intense.
I'm NC 20, yellow undertones. These are the color I have
1. madly : This is pink-brown in color with silver shimmer. It contains loads of shimmer.
2. oasis: It's champagne pink with golden shimmer. This is my favorite color.
3. Exhibit A : Matte bright red-orange. Too intense
4. Crazed: Berry red with shimmer. This one is intense as well.
5. Orgasm : Peachy pink with shimmer. It looks more orange on my face than it seems in the compact
6. Angelika : Bright pink with silver shimmer.

Review by pulidobl: I just bought my first ever Nars blush ( in Sex appeal) it is a stunning baby pink with a slight peach undertone. It works well on fair skinned ladies like myself and i think it's the most Beautiful blush i have ever seen!! I am so glad i got it, i ordered it online without ever seeing it first so i took a chance but so glad i did. A must have for all ladies who like a natural look!

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Revlon Powder Blush - Smoky Rose

Review by YolandaMC: I am a nc35-40 and this is the perfect everyday blush for me. It is a reddish brown pink that gives you that warm, been-in-the-sun flush. I love it!

Review by bekkbekk1985: This is the first powder blush I have ever bought. I bought it three years ago.. I haven't even made a dent in it. This will last me forever!
The texture is a fine, soft matte powder. Easy to apply. However, the colour is rather sheer, but that's not a problem because I'm not a fan of that 'I used the whole thing' look. Plus, you can build the colour.
The colour is a very nice, medium-to-dark pink colour that is perfect with EVERYTHING. Smokey eye? Add this. Natural look? Add this. Colourful eye? This is your answer.
The package is chic, with a pop up mirror and a brush that comes with it. I find the that the mirror gets dirty when you try and use it and apply it at the same time, so it doesn't do a whole lot for me. I discarded the brush a long time ago.
I would definitely repurchase this product again... but I doubt I would ever have to! This will last me forever.

Review by Jennybear: I really liked this blush. The color was nice on me and it blended well. It's also cheap, heh. The way it's packaged is kinda awkward though. It'd be nicer if it came in a larger palette but it's okay.

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Tony & Tina Gel Blush Unmentionable Love

Review by julie9536: I followed the tip from IslandGirlSPN (her review is listed under "Unmistakable Love") about using this gel as a lip stain...it's beautiful! Thanks IslandGirlSPN! Oh, and of course it's great on the cheeks, as well. When I use it on my cheeks, I apply it first, and then apply my tinted moisturizer over it, and the glow looks like it comes from within...just a perfect flush. Staying power is excellent, and the tint is so much more natural than BeneTint by BeneFit...I just don't blush well in fuschia;)

Review by cperry: This product is soooo amazing. powder blushes always look awful on me, I;ve tried soo many but this looks natural. I agree with other ppl, it has great staying power and I plan to use it on my lips from now on- thanx IslandGirl

Review by jules2064: Lovely silver tube, gel is dispensed through a pump. Use pump carefully though, so that just a little comes out. Colour looks v.scary bright crimson red , but is sheer and easy to blend, and gives a post-excercise glow! Economical as you only need a dab on each cheek.

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