which is the best blush?3 top blush review

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By Marcella

which is the best blush?Let's see the 3 top blush review!


I Nuovi blush - all colors

Review by tetrakis: I bought my blush in Tone. I use blush not really to make me look like Im blushing, but more to give the apperance of a sculpted , high cheekbone , or 'toning' if you will. So this works out pretty well. Its brown with speckles, and goes again my tanned skinn perfectly to give me some cheekbones :)
great staying power. Looks matte against my skin. Love it. I hate the packaging though, it looks cheap - transparent and dome-shaped! WEird!

Review by belle2216: They have a HUGE range of colours that's bound to suit any skin tone. I have this in Cheek, a peachy nude color that's great for my fair skin. Staying power's ok only, but for the price, it's still pretty worth it. I didn't really like the packaging though, gets really bulky in the bag.

Review by biomechmonster: I have in many colours which are Girlie (light pale pink), Whisper (natural pink), Candy (bright pink) and Juice (almost similar to Candy)! Cheap for the price and quality! LOVE the blushers, e/s are also great as well. Do check it out if you have a chance to try it!

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Everyday Minerals Plum Dust Blush

Review by scrapdoll: I really love Plum Dust. I would have to say for my age and coloring this is my very favortie blush. It really brings my skin to live, it is the most perfect warm rose color. I think it would look on almost anyone, faired skinned people would have to use a lighter hand, But it would be worth the effort. It gives my skin a warmy rosy glow. I don't ever want to run out of this one and I hope EM never stops making it.

Review by franjipany: I bought this because the EM Customer Service recommended this since I was looking for a shade like BE's Glee. I have to say that this is a great substitute especially for the price! (8 for 8 gm vs. 18-21 for BE--with even less product...) It has a pretty rose/mauve tone that you literally just need specks of (use the EM Eve Dual Fiber brush) to apply just the right amount. It gives my skin a healthy, natural flush. (My skin is golden olive toned.)

Review by diachu21: I love this blush! It suits my complexion (medium tan for EM) well. I just use little when I apply coz it very pigmented. It looks creamy on my face and doesn't come off as easily as my other blushes would.

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Giorgio Armani Sheer Cream Blush #2

Review by runtagua: This is my favorite blush of any type. Sadly, it has been discontinued. Why, why, why? I have been searching for a substitute, so far with no success.

Review by mriaow: My gosh, these GA cream blushes are gorgeous. I don't know any line with so many colors that work on everyone. Though it seems they have a tiny line of garish colors, these are all amazing. I swapped out #5 for #2--I am still thrilled with how simply lovely it is (I'm PPP), but sadly #2 lasts about as long as #5, which is about four hours. You won't find a lovelier blush. Better than Orgasm, better than all MAC--it sadly doesn't last. I would buy the whole line (even at these prices) if it lasted, but since it doesn't I won't be buying more. But I will use my #2 when I feel like it's worth it to reapply to look lovely for day or night.

Review by jules2064: This is quite possibly the most beautiful blush in my collection. It′s a pinky rose with very fine and subtle gold shimmer. It looks absolutely nothing like NARS Sin, which is a purple plum with heavy shimmer on my PPP. The texture is indeed a bit dry for a cream blush, but it doesn′t look cakey on nor does it dry out my skin. This is the one to get out of all the three Sheer Cream Blushes.

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