which is the best blush?3 popular blushs review

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By Christina

which is the best blush?Let's see the 3 popular blushs review!


Flirt Cheek Mousse

Review by francesca39: I got this in Fool For Love.
-Not cakey
-very smooth on face
-not oily or too shiny looking
-natural looking
-Easy to layer
-Spreads unevenly and leaves a ring around where you applicated it
-isn't as high pigmented as it looks in container (however you can layer it..)
Pretty decent..but no where near as good as Cargo Beachblush
-Lorelai Chaos Brown-

Review by nishie: This is the new "I'm Whipped Cheek Mousse" blush product from Flirt. Comes in the same size screw top pot (PS, a pain in the butt to close, but, it's worth it as you'll see) as the eye mousses. I got this in Fantastique, which is a mousse version of NARS Lovejoy (neutral bronzey brown) and Girl Talk, a mousse version of Chanel Reflex (peach). The staying power is about equal to a cream blush, perhaps a bit less, nothing phenomenal, but what is very cool is that for those of you who abhore the thought of walking around with microglitter stuck to your cheeks and pores, this stuff is frosty in the pot but goes on completely glowy gorgeous with no chunky crap staring back at you in the rearview mirror. You need these.

Review by Springncts: I agree with all of the comments here. I bought this in the Madame X because a rosy color is what looks best on me. I put a little dot on my middle finger and swirl it around in a circle on the apple of my cheek (while smiling) and drift out toward the hairline. The color gives me that "just came in from the blustery cold" look - totally natural. It has a really nice consistency - not sticky or gel-like - blends very well. I put it on this morning at 7 a.m., it's 4:30 p.m. now and it still looks great. Good purchase!

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Calvin Klein Powder Blush in Rosebud

Review by stellaluna2: Yep - LOVE this blush - a very pretty, natural flush of soft pink. Goes on smoothly - without blotching. The colour is nice and sheer, so you can build without it looking heavy. Definitely an HG!

Review by mz654: Why oh why is this product discontinued? CK blush in Rosebud is my HG! I love this better than Nars, Mac, and other brands.
Rosebud is an extremely pretty soft natural pink. It's very sheer, soft, and silky.
Highly recommend it to everyone!

Review by kitten75: Lucky me, lalala. I went to cosmetics plus, to see what was up, and they had TONS of Calvin Klein cosmetics on sale. I was determined to leave w/ some products. Having very little experience w/ the line, i just started testing until i was satisfied. But the first blush i tried was Rosebud and i was sold. What a pretty medium pink that isn't too cool and isn't too warm. Perfect for the mac nc35. Soft, matte, silky texture. Cute compact, nice mirror and EXCELLENT blush. Perhaps Chanel could take a lesson in the latter. I paid 12, but would pay reg. price for this very pretty colour which looks fresh, and just better than natural.

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Shu Uemura Glow On in P Pink 34C

Review by blacklittlepig: This is one of the most underrated blush ever!
I bought this at the outlet mall for like 6 bucks. That was one of the luckiest days of my life!! LOL.
This blush looks very purple but on my cheeks, it looks pink and it glows... like others said, it's very hard to explain. I also use it on my eyes as eyeshadow and I like how it looks on my eyes as well. Very natural looking.. will definitely buy again, even if I have to pay full price.

Review by Capprii: One of my favorites. It is hard to describe. Looks completely purple in pan, but gives a very cool tone pink on the cheeks. One of my favorite blushes..... My go to color.....

Review by kit_kat68: I like this Pink because with a heavy hand you get this totally innocent flush that conjures images of lollipops. On the other hand since there's a slight violet cast to it, which my sound weird, lightly dust on some P Pink 34C over your other blush and you have this lovely highlight of color.

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