which is the best blush?3 popular blush reviews

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By Marcella

which is the best blush?Let's see the 3 popular blush reviews!


MAC Melba

Review by sjcsmall: this is my favorite matte blush! it gives me the perfect peachy pink cheeks color on my nc40-nc42 skintone. yes, i will would repurchase.

Review by CherryBlossom03: Love love love this blush! I'm NC35 for reference. It gives me a nice flush. It actually looks more pink than peach on me, a pretty bright pink if you apply too much! It's a matte finish and super pigmented so a little dab goes a long way. My favorite blush for the summer! (I use a shimmery bronzer across my cheeks and a pop of this blush on the apples and it looks amazing!)

Review by island_honey: I have nc35 skin, brown eyes, and light baby blonde hair, this gave me the perfect warm summery flush, with a slight glimmer. Stayed on all day too!

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Aveda Uruku Cheek Lip Creme

Review by lbarnold: really really nice. the only product i've found so far that honestly works on both lips and cheeks....something's usually gotta give. but this cream really does work so nicely on both. looks the most natural of all of my umpteen million blushes, gives a nice, non-makeupy finish on cheeks, and a pretty, matching color (WITHOUT drying) on lips too. it's definitely smoother and less stiff than other cream blushes (as you squirt it out of a little tube, rather than swipe out of a compact), and thus probably more emollient as well. however, it never feels greasy and never causes demon blemishes or irritation, so don't fear if you are acne-prone. like all other aveda products, it smells GORGEOUS, another huge plus. if you're looking for a super natural, glowing from within look, this is a great option.

Review by peachy905: Nice glow on cheeks or a lightweight tint on lips. Dual purpose product from their Uruku line. It has Aveda's blend of rainforest oils and other pure flower and organic plant ingredients. Small tube easy to carry in your purse. It may feel a little sticky on cheeks at first but once you blend it in you no longer get that feel. Perfect on lips. Has peppermint, cinnamon, anise, basil blend aroma. I have it in "Guava". Guava is the only color with red (muted raspberry/peach/plum mixture). The other colors are brown tones. For Aveda lovers, Guava also reminds me of the old "Wild Plum" lipstick color before Aveda change its formulation and ruined that nice color. This is a must-try product imo. Good luck and I hope this helps.

Review by fitnessa: I also got this in Guava. It's a great color and keeps my lips moist. Some of the handy tube glosses/lip colors try my lips out by the end of the day, but not this one! (I had this problem from the Chanel Glossimers and the Urban Decay ones.) The salesperson was really great too because this is the first time I'm using a creme blush. It looks so natural and I look so healthy!

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Calvin Klein Cheek Color Wash

Review by lorraine07: This is a nice blush, and for a cream blush, I found it easy to use and blend.

Review by kimberpoo: This is my favorite blush in the world. The colors are all very neutral so just about anyone could wear them, and the creamy powder format enables it to last forever. I have Hue, and Radiant, and Blushing and love them all.

Review by blueaygi: I got this in Radiant and although I love the color, a soft rosy shade, I did not like the texture of this. It is not creamy enough for a smooth application. It does not apply evenly. It is too dry for a creme blush.

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