which is the best blush?3 easy to use blush

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By Tifanny

which is the best blush?Let's see the 3 easy to use blush !


Everyday Minerals Apple

Review by fuxxy: Everyone is raving about Apple blush though I actually liked the shimmery Theme Park blush better. Apple is easy to apply, the color is cute, and it is a basic blush matte color. It lasted for a full nine hours at work without sliding off or needing reapplication, Did not turn orange or have any other types of problems. Overall, a good blush. I will not rave about it because I definately did not fall in love with it, though it does do the job and is minus all those additional chemicals. My skin tone is medium fair and the color was nice on me.

Review by pinktulip: This is a beautiful warm pink matte blush. If you like matte blush, definately give this one a try. I avoid shimmery blushes because I have enormous pores on my cheeks so I was attracted to this blush because it was advertised as matte. It is in fact very matte. The color is a warm pink. If applied with a skunk brush it gives the perfect amount of hue. If applied heavily it can be too much so make sure to apply with a light hand. For reference I am a Medium in BE, Warm Ivory in LM Oil Free Foundation, Bisque (W) 1 in Lancome Teinte Idole Ultra.

Review by Bonnie2842: This blush is a pretty soft medium pink, I only gave it 3 simply because I don't care for matte blushes very much. I LOVE EM's blushes in their shimmer versions though! This is a nice blush, which I will use when I'm in the mood for a natural looking matte color.

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Illamasqua Katie

Review by lipstik: This colour is beautiful. I wasn't 100% how it was going to look on my skin as I am olive toned, but it is a stunning soft baby pink. It does really make me wish I was paler, because I can imagine it looks even better on paler skin.
This is SERIOUSLY pigmented. It is so easy to put on too much if you are used to using MAC blushers. You literally need to touch the brush to the pan and you will have more than enough product.
My only complaint is the packaging. I find the clasp really stiff and difficult to open. I really hope that it sort of "eases in" because it is very annoying that it takes that long to open it.

Review by lorraine07: This is such a pretty baby pink blush. It is cool toned but looks fine on my NC30 skin. If I put on too much, it tends to look a bit like lilac or even grayish. The texture of the blush is gorgeous. Like finely milled baby powder. The pigmentation on this is crazy. A little bit does the trick! Don't apply too much or it can end up looking quite fake. The packaging is nice, I like the black, but it seems a bit bulky.

Review by Sybil84: cant fault it , also bought 'kiss' blush also , blends like a dream and with 50% of these at the moment making them £8.50 they are a bargain too xx

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Palladio herbal blush in plum berry

Review by bebejacket: This is very pigmented blush, I like my blushes more sheer. It is very smooth and not at all chalky. Comes in a small round silver container. this color however is a bright pink. Also being matte it sorts of sits on my face and doesn't really do anything but make me look sunburned. The formula is nice but the color is all wrong.

Review by London84: I also think that this blush is very smooth and pigmented. It looks like dusty pink in the pan which sounds promising. However, I find it hard to wear. My sking is light but this blush somehow comes out ruddy on me. I prefer something more subtle. I would imagine this would work great on dark skin. I sometimes look a bit sunburned when wearing this. Be careful not to apply too much...

Review by munchlaxy: I love this blush because is matte, smooth and pigmented. I stole it from my mother's makep bag, and Im glad i did because It looks pretty nice on my skin, for reference Im mac nc 25, and it suits me amazingly!
For extra information, I really like nice rosy blushes, and Im a blush freak. Maybe this works well for me, but It can be VERY pigmented and bright for paler skin tones.

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