which is the best beauty tools?3 best-selling beauty tools

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which is the best beauty tools?Let's see the 3 best-selling beauty tools !


Tweezerman Laura Mercier by Tweezerman

Review by aml1: great size,so i can bring it with me,sharp enough so it can get all the unwanted hair-but it doesn't hurt,and ...just perfect =)

Review by spitfireseven: I'm an esthetician student, and we tweeze clients who come into the school. Well, I thought I had a great pair of tweezers until I bought Tweezerman. Clients would come in and I'd never be able to get those superfine eyebrow hairs with my other pair. I tried Tweezerman and got every single one of them out, with no problem! I would never use anything else. Paid 20 for them, but totally worth it.

Review by taurusgurl5984: I do not give a five lippy rating lightly but I LOVE these!!!!!!! They are the ones with the oval ergonomic grip on the handles, and a slant tip. They cost AU44 here (Tweezerman and Australia when combined become a very expensive concept) and you get them at Laura Mercier counters.
Took me about 2 goes to get used to using the ergonomic grip but there's no stopping me now - I adore these babies. I have to tweeze every day - my eyebrows are black and my skin is fair so every little hair shows up.
Since owning these I am now in eyebrow heaven....my brows are actually SHAPED, rather than only barely restrained from romping all over town.
I have never paid this much for a beauty tool in my life, but if I lost these tomorrow, I would immediately repurchase. It's gunna be a lifetime union.

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Too Faced Re-Fresh Oil Blotting Papers

Review by LuiLui: Best i've ever used! So absorbent of oil without screwing up a perfect face of makeup!

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: These are the first blotting papers that I?ve ever bought, so I really can?t compare it to anything. These papers are really good in soaking oil ? even when my face looks pretty matte, the paper manages to find some oil on it. They do not ruin your make up. One paper is enough for entire face. Although they are not as expensive as Shiseido blotting papers, I still find them pretty expensive, but since I use only one paper per day, it will last a long way. The packaging is cardborad and it looks really cute, but it would be good if they could find some way to include small mirror with it. There are 100 sheets.

Review by Cygentte3: I love these blotting papers. The papers are pretty big and it just takes one sheet! You get 100 of these for about 12.00 online. I love this product it doesn't disturb my makeup at all ! TWO THUMBS WAY UP for Too Faced Re-Fresh Oil Blotting Papers ! Love it ! :)

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Lancome Matte Finish Shine Control Blotting Sheets

Review by AokiJ: Perfection! My skin is not super-oily, but I wear a decent amount of makeup and live in a very hot climate. These are a must-have for me for the summer! Using them makes me look like I have touched up my makeup, which I am always too lazy to actually do. I will RP again and again!

Review by amystar: I never realized exactly how oily my skin was until I used one of these two hours after washing my face. These sheets are JUST like MAC's blot sheets, but a bit less espensive. They suck up oil and leave my face feeling nice and refreshed

Review by zhenya: I have the greasiest skin in the world. These Lancome sheets kept my skin shine free for almost 2 hours!!! They are a tad expensive, 20 CDN for 50 sheets, but each sheet can be reused until every square millimetre of shine prevention is gone. Unlike most oil blotting sheets, Lancome's are made out of a rubber/plastic material with no powder. I love these and would buy again.

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