which highlighters is the best?3 effective highlighters

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By Stella

which highlighters is the best?Let's see the 3 effective highlighters !


Urban Decay Peppermint Body Powder

Review by kat_25: These are great, but you don't need every colour. Peppermint came out looking like just a silver shimmer on me. I was a little disappointed the pink didn't really show, but these are def great for giving your body a real shimmer!

Review by spitfireseven: this is my favorite thus far. it is the most pretty pale/whitish pink shimmer- NOT disco glitter chunks like caramel. it smells more peppermint-y than sugary candy cane, and is not too strong. plus there seems to be a fair amount of powder, which i know will last me forever!

Review by Lola_Bear: Boyfriend loves this! It's a gorgeous pale pink shimmer that I doubt looks bad on anyone. Puff is very effective.

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Becca Pearl Shimmering Skin Perfector

Review by pretty_please: I have this highlighter in Silver, and received a sample of it in the Pearl. I think I prefer the pearl, for a more subdued, not as shimmery look. The silver is nice, but more for evenings out I would say. So, I have not broken down yet and ordered it in the full size, but my lemming usually gets the best of me.

Review by CherryBlossom03: I love this stuff. Pearl shimmering skin perfector is the answer to how JLo gets that glow. I wear this and the gold as well. I prefer to use this under my LSC rather than a highlighter, but it works great as a highlighter as well. My skin looks radiant and luminscent! So far no breakouts either. This also has an SPF so I use this in lieu of sunscreen and moisturizer. Looks stunning!

Review by blyss: If you are debating about what highlighter to get between Nars Copacabana or something like it , I would choose this one. It's one of my holy grails. I have Copacabana and a few other pearly highlighters but this one works the best. Why? It's a liquid so it blends in better. I use it as a highligheter for my cheeks and i look like a glowy movie star. I cant say about mixing it with foundation. I am really oily so I think it would look strange.

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Bare Escentuals Clear Radiance

Review by SisleyAus: Not a fan. It was expensive, but when I look at it in the story it had a shimmery effect to it. It looked so pretty in the jar. Putting it on is another story. I brushed some over my cheeks so my whole face wouldn't look too shiny. However, I noticed nothing at all! No shimmer whatsoever. It was a waste of money. Will not repurchase.

Review by lbarnold: This product had the best container of all with holes just the right size. The effect on the face is more shimmery than dewy. If you are using BE for a wedding day or anything with camera flashes, opt to pass on this so you don't look shiny and oily. The light reflects off the pigments for a not so pretty effect. Overall this is nice but I don't use it all the time. Usually just when I go out at night.

Review by julie9536: I had no idea what to do with this product when I received it as a gift. I tried it on my cheeks and hated it, so I started using it as an eyeshadow. It's perfect! I apply two layers on my eyelids, one layer under my brow, and lightly apply it in the corners of my eyes. It's very pretty, warm and, well, radiant. Definitely recommend.
EDIT: 11/17/08 -- I decided to try this on my cheeks again, so I applied it to the apples and brushed bronzer on my cheekbones and just under them too. It gave me a very flattering, natural look.

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