which highlighters is the best?3 easy to use highlighters

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By Sara

which highlighters is the best?Let's see the 3 easy to use highlighters !


Bobbi Brown Nude Shimmerbrick

Review by labelslut: looks pretty in the pan, but is just too shimmery for daytime, no matter how lightly I apply it. Too unnatural looking, especially outdoors. I tried the colors as eyeshadows, but they all take on an unflattering orange tint.

Review by Cygentte3: I have to agree with VickiinOregon. In the pan its gorgeous, and looks very similar to Pink Quartz with more silver than gold tones, but silver rarely works on me. Where PQ brightens up my skin and makes me look alive, this leaves an ashiness that makes my face look dull and dirty. Returned to Nordstroms.

Review by mulhollanddrive: This one is my first shimmerbrick that i own. I must say that is it really nice color, especially for neutral eye look. All the five colors are great. It is also great for hilight my cheekbone. I think it's a must have for someone who is looking for everyday makeup look.

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Stila all over shimmer-*8

Review by miss_mac: Nice subtle sheen, but nothing spectacular. I prefer Benefit Bathina Body Balm for shimmer, much prettier and it actually moisturizes. This is a good shimmer lotion for someone not looking for moisture.

Review by diachu21: This looks kind of ugly in the compact (I have the powder form), but it is a very pretty natural looking gold shine on the skin. So glad I bought this one!

Review by meeshmu: This is a gold shimmery highlighter. I like the consistency (it's creamy and shimmery). The packaging is cute. It says it's a highlighter for eyes, cheeks and lips, but it looks horrible on the lips. I use it under my browbone mostly. I prefer #9 (pink) as I find that one more versatile than this one.

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Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit

Review by jenss79: Absolutely amazing. This is the ONLY contour powder I've found that's dark enough for my skin (I'm an NW45). The color is perfect, and the satin-textured highlight powder is perfect as well. The lighter shade is matte, and it blends flawlessly into my skin.
The powders in the Sculpting Kit are so finely milled it's ridiculous! They're silky and smooth, and blending them is effortless. (I really like MUFE's double-ended Sculpting Brush for application). Really an awesome pair of products.

Review by Capprii: Love it! I bought myself a full coverage foundation and it matched my skin perfectly and it even out my skin. The bad news is the it took away the shadows and the highlights that I naturally had and I ended up looking unnatural. This is why I'm excited about this product. It brought back all of my shadows and highlighting but allowed me to put it back in a controlled manner and allowed me to mask a thing or two.
Both colors are matte and and natural looking. I'm always on the hunt for natural looking makeup and this is definition of natural. It shows up on my skin and can create an airbrushed affect. The blending is effortless and last several hours. I'm NC45 with yellow/golden and orange undertones

Review by IMAproductwhore: This is the first Sculpting powder I have used that is dark enough for my skin tone,I use the shade 4, it is the darkest of the four.I have used other sculpting powders and they seemed to give me a more natural look , this one hits my cheek bones with a perfect shade to contour the bone to look sculpted, very beautiful especially when us darker people have a hard time contouring since our skin tone doesn't allow for shading. Excellent buy! Retails for 45 at Sephora.

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