which highlighters is the best?3 best highlighterss

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By Elena

which highlighters is the best?Let's see the 3 best highlighterss !


Becca Loose Shimmer Powder in Odette

Review by mielr: LOVE this!! I'm warm-toned (roughly NC25/C3, with brown eyes) and this makes a gorgeous eyeshadow! It's so finely milled that it doesn't crease at all on my deep-set eyes. It's a beautiful warm gold - very nice used on top of blush too. A little goes a long way. I had neglected this for several months, but when I started using it as eyeshadow, that's when I really fell in love with it. It has a faint sheen and blends very, very smoothly.

Review by pinktulip: I use this warm gold to highlight the inner corners of my eyes and it works well on my NC40 skin. I take one lippie off for the packaging, because i always think it's going to spill. I'm thinking of mixing it with moisturizer to use on arms, legs for nights out.

Review by Bonnie2842: This a beautiful, versatile nude shimmer that you can wear as a shimmery eye shadow wash or on cheekbones and temples as a highlighter. Really gives you a lovely glowy look. It's the only shimmer powder I think I might buy again.

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Milani Glimmer Stripes in Cocoa Glimmer

Review by jamelia: I bought this based on reviews here, and was very disappointed. It looks cheap, and it is cheap. I tried many different brushes to see if it was my application, but this is just not a good bronzer, blush, or illuminator in my opinion. I think people who are giving it high praises should check themselves in daylight and see what it looks like then. This might be nice for a night on the town or in the cleavage area. For daytime, yuck!!!!!

Review by Carrie: Am I the only one who thinks this product is way cooler than it's Bobbi Brown counterpart???
Anywho LOVE IT! My bronzed chocolate skin looks rather radiant when I have this on. I use it as a highlighter. I sweep MAC Ambering Rose blush in the bottom half of the fullest part of my cheek and along my cheek bones. I dust Cocoa Glimmer on top and voila!!! FABO!
Advice: Use a contour brush!

Review by Dimitra: Just splurge and go for the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick. This pales in comparison!

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Chanel Brillance Lumiere Luminous Face Fluid in Sunkissed

Review by joheinous: I'm very pale skin and even if this could seem a bit too dark for my complexion, if you ook at its colour in the bottle, it's so light it gives the right amount of... warmth more than colour, I'd say, that is exactly what I have ever been looking for and never be able to find in any bronzer, foundation or fard. The texture is fabulous, very easy to wear, alone or over foundation.
To tanned skin it gives a soft golden light that is simply terrific! The emount of product you use to have a surprising effect is so small it will last ages, so, if you consider this, I'd say it's not expensive at all: consider it an investment :) .

Review by London84: I'm in love with this new purchase! I've been using this over the top of my Voile Universel in areas that need 'highlighting' i,e cheekbones etc, it gives me the most wonderful, glowy effect. I am very tanned at the moment so I am not sure how this will look on my winter complexion, but at the moment its perfect. Another quality Chanel product-would repurchase but I think its limited edition!!

Review by zhenya: I only apply this in my cheekbones and it looks natural but sadly i have to stop using chanel bec.it's always breaking me out!

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